Duck Dynasty kids

When is it fun to go to the dentist? When you take your kids–and you get to watch them under anesthesia. At least that’s what happened when Willie and Korie Robertson took their Duck Dynasty kids, Sadie and John Luke. The result was some hilarious parenting moments.

In case you missed it, this is what happened.

19 year-old Sadie was first into the dentist chair. The dentist told her she was about to have the best nap of her life, and she would wake up with everything fixed. Her dad added his take on the situation.

Without missing a beat, Willie told Sadie that what the dentist was giving her was also a truth serum.

“It’s not often you get to give your kids truth serum and not go to jail for it.”

This is true. How often have you wished you could give your kids truth serum? Willie wasn’t going to miss the opportunity. He said, “Maybe I’ll check her cell phone while she’s still in lala-land.” 

“Sadie. Have you ever kissed a boy in our house?” asked her dad.

Too late. She was out cold.

Then, the fun kinda ran out of for Willie. As the bloody gauze from the extraction formed a pile–Willie’s stomach started turning.

“There’s something about dentists, that has always just creeped me out.”

As far as Willie is concerned, the idea of twisting someone’s tooth out of their head was just “barbaric.” Willie posed the question that if can put men on the moon, “Can we not figure out how to extract teeth without having a blood bath?”

Then it was John Luke’s turn.

They say that seeing your kids under laughing gas is like seeing them drunk for the first time. Or at least getting an idea of what kind of drunk they would be. John Luke was no exception.

As he came out, of what seemed to be twilight sleep, he was as goofy as they come.

Apparently, words sounded funny to the boy because he kept repeating them. “Bumble Bee Tuna, Bumble Bee Tuna” was just about all he could say.

That is except for when he looked at his mom and started saying, “hungry for love.” 

In a world of cell phone video, and reality tv, letting someone put you on camera is a lesson the Duck Dynasty kids learned the hard way. 

Although, their parents had hoped to have enough embarrassing pictures to entertain future boyfriends and girlfriends, it’s most likely not going to matter.

After all, the nation has already seen it. Which, in the long run will most likely turn out for the good for all the Duck Dynasty kids and their beloved family for years to come. Heck, their grandkids will get a laugh too.

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