The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC Daryl Dixon is one of the most beloved characters on television and Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl, is often swarmed with fans. In fact, he’s known for staying late at events like Comic Con or Walker Con to meet and greet everyone there.

For those individuals out there who love Daryl, these are the top five Daryl Dixon-inspired Walking Dead gifts for this holiday season.

The top 5 countdown, including the links to buy them, begins next with #5…

5. Official Daryl Dixon Poncho on Etsy

Daryl Dixon Poncho | Photo Credit Etsy

The Navajo Southwestern design is a must for any Daryl Dixon fans out there. The fabric is actually purchased from the same location that the art department purchased the material for Norman Reedus’ poncho on The Walking Dead.

This poncho is about 44 x 31 inches of tan fabric, with orange and red colors, and fringed edges. While the crossbow isn’t included, the gift is ideal for anyone who loves Daryl Dixon, or those who attend cosplay, Walker Stalker con, or Comic Con.

Another wearable WD with Daryl is next #4…

4. Daryl Dixon Christmas Hoodie

Daryl Dixon Hoodie | Photo Credit Spreadshirt

“On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer, and Vixen. On Comet, on Cupid, on Daryl Dixon.” This hoodie is made of cotton, double stitched, processed in the U.S.A., and highly comfortable and durable.

The phrase plays on Santa Claus’ eight reindeer while also letting everyone know how much the wearer loves The Walking Dead. The design comes in a t-shirt as well as a hoodie for warmer days.

Here’s a favorite you will sip on with pride #3…

3. “If Daryl Dies, We Riot” Crossbow Mug

Daryl Dixon Mug | Photo Credit Zombiegift

While fans are beyond several characters on The Walking Dead, Daryl Dixon is perhaps the most iconic for the “If Daryl Dies, We Riot!” phrase. This officially licensed The Walking Dead collectible is perfect for any true fan.

The black ceramic mug features the phrase along with a blood-splattered background and crossbow handle. It’s made of ceramic and metal with a 15-ounce capacity (which means it’s not to be microwaved).

Every room is enhanced with Dixon decor, check out #2…

2. Daryl Dixon Wall Décor

Daryl Dixon Print | Photo Credit Etsy

This beautiful piece of handmade wall décor has the grungy look of The Walking Dead, combined with a beautiful frame, which shows the beauty of Daryl Dixon’s iconic character.

This original drawing has been favorited by nearly 200 people on Etsy and the reviews highly positive by those that have made the purchase. The artist also has images of Amy Winehouse, Bob Dylan, and countless other iconic figures.

Finally the #1 gift…

1. Daryl Dixon Action Figure

Daryl Dixon Figure | Photo Credit McFarlane Toys

McFarlane Toys is known for bringing two-dimensional figures to life with their amazing action figures. This Season 6 Walking Dead Daryl Dixon is ideal for any true fan of the show, The Walking Dead.

The toy includes details like ripped jeans, a fierce gaze, and Daryl’s iconic crossbow and sleeveless shirt. Prices fluctuate on this item but it’s best to purchase one brand new in order for it to hold value and contain all of the smaller pieces.

Your shopping needs are now taken care of. Let us know what you buy and who it’s for!

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