You Don’t Know This Duck Grandmother, But After Reading What She Did You’ll Love Her


Chrys Howard is the Duck Dynasty grandmother not many fans know about. Chrys is Korie’s mother, and she plays a key role in the Robertson children’s life. This month she wrote an impressive letter to her younger self, and it tugged at our heartstrings.

Duck Dynasty Grandmother Letter To Herself

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Chrys Howard is the Duck Dynasty grandmother not many fans know about. She is Korie Robertson’s mother and has played a key role in the Robertson family’s success. She works for a publishing company and helps all of the Robertsons write their books. That’s why it’s no surprise that the powerful letter she wrote to her younger self for the Live Original blog is so compelling.

Chrys began by stating she wouldn’t want to tell her younger self how things turned out. “I think it’s better to keep quiet about endings. Sometimes when we know the ending, the journey isn’t as much fun, or we don’t work as hard, right?” However, she does believe she received everything she’d hoped for- a happy family, husband, and life. 

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Chrys says she would want to tell her younger self to absorb as much information as possible. She wrote, “I would want her to know that God can use her even if she’s not ready, but the journey will be better if she’s prepared. So read the bible, go to Sunday school, listen to those older and wiser, attend summer camp–soak it all up. She will need every bit of it.”

Sadie Robertson’s Inspiration

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After reading Chrys’s letter, it’s quite clear where Korie and Sadie Robertson get their wisdom from. This Duck Dynasty grandmother is full of faith and knowledge. 

In particular, we loved the advice she gave to young women; “I would tell her to change her wish list to include brave, kind, strong, faithful, and loving. Forget cute, smart, better dressed and funny. Those things only get her so far in life.”

Chrys finished her letter saying, “I would say kiss your husband, snuggle your babies, hug your siblings, wave to your neighbors, shake hands with strangers and laugh with everyone more. Life is way shorter than she can possibly imagine. Live it—more deliberately, more intentionally, more thankfully.”

We would certainly like to get to know this Duck Dynasty grandmother better- wouldn’t you?