Once again, Phil Robertson is spreading the word of Jesus.

Phil, one of the last great men on Television is helping the country see the truth about our lord and savior. The Duck Dynasty father went into detail as to why Jesus was real and how he has proof during the Western Conservative Summit in Denver Colorado recently.

Throughout several portions of his speech, Phil was to be seen tugging his beard in classic fashion. Phil went into many energetically charged talks on topics like Gay marriage and respecting the privacy of women. He went on to put the Supreme Court in their place for making several bad decisions in recent years and truly spoke out about the State of the Union.

The highlight of the speech however, was when Phil spoke about Jesus Christ.

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Phil stated that Jesus is has been here with us and to those who do not believe, just look at the calendar.

The calendar is assumed by several people to exist because of Christ. Basically, the calendar dates are in direct relationship to the birth of Jesus.

What Phil basically said, was that anyone using the standard calendar, is acknowledging the existing of Jesus. He then went on to say, “This means there is no such thing as an atheist.” Because there is too much support, and documentation about the birth and death of Christ. And we all are using the same calendar based on those dates. In further detail, whether you officially believe in Jesus and his life or not, if you use the calendar used by the rest of the world, then you support the belief of Jesus.

Phil also said that Jesus will always be here with us, just look at today’s date. Phil is one of the last great American men who is spreading the word of God and his son Jesus Christ. By spreading the word of God, Phil has done a lot for this country and shows us what a family can act like. It’s hard to find a family following real American values like the Robertson family. Without them we stand to be influenced by other families like the Kardashians and Jersey Shore people.

Our country is in store for big changes if Hillary comes into power and let us hope that families like the Robertson family are still able to spread the word of God and belief in our lord and savior, Jesus Christ. Whether you are Christian or not, Jesus stood for love and compassion that each of us can model and use to help make this country great again. Please like and share this post and show your love for Phil and family by keeping them in your prayers. Maybe we can keep the show going strong with enough support.

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