Did Robert Kirkman Reveal Next Walking Dead Death?

Robert Kirkman | Photo Credit Rolling Stone Season 8 of The Walking Dead just started filming, but there’s already speculation about who might die next on the zombie soap. Seeing as the comic leads the way for the series, it’s possible Kirkman just gave away the next major death.

Fans of the comic known that in issue 165, Andrea (previously played by Laurie Holden) was just bitten in the neck. Andrea, who was Rick’s love interest, was then killed by Rick when she reanimated.

Seeing as Michonne has taken Andrea’s spot, does that mean she’s the next to go?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Andrea died in Season 3 of The Walking Dead, but it appears like Michonne has taken her spot, especially based on the new Richonne relationship. The comics are also ahead of the series by a few seasons.

Assuming they follow this storyline, Rick and Michonne will stay together as they eventually defeat Negan and then work to rebuild Alexandria. With a walker bite, it would mean a drug-out death as well.

In the comic, Andrea told Rick to keep rebuilding the safe zone.

Carol, Michonne, And Andrea On Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

This is pure speculation at this point. It’s possible the show may even go way off track from the comic in the next few seasons, which means seeing what happens in the time gap on screen.

In addition to this speculation, Michonne is also alive in the comic. Since television’s Michonne took Andrea’s spot, it’s possible that Carol will take her spot, which means eventually heading to Oceanside.

Carol has always wanted to live alone, so living with a group of women who hide out near the coast may be the closest option she has. Then again, King Ezekiel does seem to have a thing for Carol.

At this point, we’re left to wonder. The series returns in October on AMC.

Do you think Michonne could ever let a walker get close enough for a bite?

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