This article is a continuation of Mayim Bialik’s interview with Star Tribune. If you haven’t read the first one: click here.

Jewish Roots

It is well known that Mayim Bialik majored in neuroscience at UCLA, but she also majored in Hebrew and Jewish studies. The interviewer asked her if it was sometimes awkward when sitting around having beers with fellow science students?

Mayim mentions that she actually minored in Jewish studies. She might have been the only one ever to have done both.

“I’ve never really felt a conflict. The more I fell in love with science, the more I could accept that we didn’t create all of this. It’s actually elevated my spiritual connection.”


After the success of Blossom, Mayim left acting to pursue science full time. The interviewer asks if the second time in the spotlight is different from the first time around.

“My perspective is different. I take everything a lot less seriously than I used to. When you are young, you are anxious to be in every scene. Now I’m just grateful to be in one.”

The next big question is when the Big Bang Theory ends, does Mayim want to take on a Jewish role.

“It depends. I’m very drawn to Jewish projects, but they often cast non-Jewish actresses. It’s tricky. Sitcom actors don’t have a lot of clout.”

Big Bang Theory

I think that this is a silly question. But Mayim is asked why Amy Farrah Fowler is still with Sheldon Cooper.

Mayim thinks that Amy finds him enjoyable, attractive and intelligent, so she’s willing to put up with a lot of his quirks.

Finally, the million dollar question: How much longer will the show continue?

“Honestly, I have no idea. I’m sure there’s some algorithm that people use that takes into account that 20 million people are still watching and what the numbers have to be for it to continue. Some kind of equation.”

 Spoken like a true scientist.


I’ve always liked Mayim Bialik, ever since I watched Blossom as a kid. What’s not to like about her? She is extremely intelligent, funny, and pretty. I’ve also seen a lot of evidence of kindness from her as well.

Some may not agree with me, but I believe that her opinion that the cast of the show is overpaid shows that she is kind. She probably thinks that people in more lifesaving and/or life threatening occupations should receive a larger salary. I can’t say that I don’t agree. However, I still believe that the cast should get a nice paycheck as well.

It is also very nice to hear about a celebrity that is proud of their faith. I’m not saying there aren’t any out there. It is just nice to see it out in the open. Speaking of which, the point she made about non-Jewish woman playing Jews is sad. I’m sure there are plenty of Jewish actresses out there who love to take the part.

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