All of us probably thought about this question. Which character am I from “The Big Bang Theory.” To narrow the list down, let’s see what character traits will give away a Sheldon in you.

“I am a leader”

By What do you guys think? By What do you guys think?

Well, so is Sheldon. He is actually the first one to appear in the frame. He is also the first one to voice the joke and, thus, start the humorous direction on the sitcom. Maybe that is why his behavior is a little bit narcissistic.

“I think I’m smarter than the others”

By Do you sometimes feel the same?By Do you sometimes feel the same?

Well, Sheldon is even more than that – frankly, he is a real genius.

The thing is that Sheldon’s genius is sometimes perceived as a slight mental disorder. He is still found to be a little eccentric and, at the same time, a terribly clever scientist. 

Nevertheless, according to the sitcom’s plot, even Sheldon’s mom wasn’t sure that his mind was okay. Well, in real life the doctors might have suspected that Sheldon suffers Asperger’s syndrome. He has weak social skills and an insatiable interest in a certain aspect of life – science. If you feel like no one gets science as well as you do – maybe you, too, have this similarity with Sheldon. 

“I am definitely a little bit strange”

By Well, that's another way to think about itBy Well, that’s another way to think about it

In a good sense, of course. But if your weirdness doesn`t bother

But if your weirdness doesn’t bother your colleagues, friends, and simple passers-by on the streets – then you’re fine. 

Sheldon is always surrounded by devoted friends. Although his habits and manners can’t be called usual. His mom is too religious, but at the same time, very thoughtful. His sister loves him boundlessly. And Amy, his girlfriend, is the most patient, reliable, understanding, caring and loving woman in the whole world.

So, if you have a bunch of friends and relatives who tolerate you despite you being a bit odd – that’s definitely a common trait with Sheldon.

If you’ve checked all the boxes – congrats are in order. You do have a similar personality with Sheldon. Obviously, with your very own peculiarities and “bazingas”.

So, what about you, guys? Do you find yourselves being anything like Sheldon? 

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