Every parent knows the frustration of dealing with a bored youngster. These days, kids can find lots of games and activities on their cell phones and tablets. Of course, for very young children, these games can be too difficult. Or they can lose their attention quickly.

Are you looking for a new mobile experience for your young children? Are they already bored with Pokemon Go? Disney Publishing Worldwide has your answer with their new game, Disney Princess: Charmed Adventures.

A “Charming” New Disney Princess Adventure

The new game was designed specifically for kids ages six through eight. Players in Disney Princess: Charmed Adventures will participate in mini-games to earn rewards. You can play as Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Rapunzel from Tangled, Tiana from The Princess and the Frog, or Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Disney says the activities in Disney Princess: Charmed Adventures “reflect the unique and admirable inner qualities of each featured princess.”

As you complete activities with each princess, you’ll earn charms for your virtual charm bracelet. Each charm is themed after the princess or activity you’ve completed. For example, you might earn a Pascal charm after playing a hide-and-seek mini-game with Rapunzel and Pascal.

There’s nothing little girls love more than charm bracelets. Add in a Disney Princess theme and they’re sure to be in heaven. And the bonus? Since it’s a virtual charm bracelet, they’ll never have to worry about losing it! No more charms stuck in the couch cushion or lost under a car seat.

The Official Word from Disney

Here’s the official description for Disney Princess: Charmed Adventures:

Play as your favorite Disney Princesses—Rapunzel, Belle, Ariel, and Tiana—as you adventure beyond the castle walls! Explore your kingdom, play games, and help your friends. Along the way, you’ll collect beautiful charms and build amazing bracelets to celebrate your journey. It all starts with a dream!

CREATE as Rapunzel by painting wall murals, finding Pascal, helping Flynn escape, and matching the ‘floating lights in the sky’.

EXPLORE as Ariel by hunting for human treasures, rescuing your friends from sunken shipwrecks, and putting on your own music and light show with jellyfish friends.

INQUIRE as Belle by fixing Maurice’s fireworks invention, mastering book memory games, and courageously fending off a pack of wolves!COOK as Tiana by finding delicious ingredients, cooking up a recipe, and celebrating your new menu with firefly fireworks!

COOK as Tiana by finding delicious ingredients, cooking up a recipe, and celebrating your new menu with firefly fireworks!

EARN ADVENTURE CHARMS with every fun-filled game you play!

CUSTOMIZE beautiful charm bracelets that you can mix, match, and share with friends!

Free — With a Catch

Disney Princess: Charmed Adventures is free to download. However, the available content is limited without additional in-app purchases.

Initially, only Rapunzel’s mini-games and charms are available. Players can purchase additional princesses and worlds for $3.99 each. There’s also a bundle available for $14.99 containing all three additional worlds. In addition to unlocking Belle, Tiana, and Ariel, the bundle contains bonus charms for your bracelet. There are also charms available for purchase both individually and in bundles.

You can download Disney Princess: Charmed Adventures now on iOS or Android.

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