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On February 23rd, The Convention Conundrum replayed on CBS. There was no new TBBT episode this week.

…There was no new TBBT episode this week.

However, we got to relive these seven ridiculous quotes from this old The Big Bang Theory episode.

And you totally missed the brilliance of them the FIRST time!

Sheldon’s A Tough Guy

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Sheldon: Don’t get soft on me, Hofstadter. I will slap those glasses right off your face.

But First Coffee

Penny was all of us before our morning brew. Unable to handle the craziness of others.

Penny: This is a whole lot of weird before coffee.

Sheldon Literally Suggests Diapers

The boys are buying comic con tickets, and Raj needs to use the restroom. We as an audience are just supposed to accept that Sheldon suggests wearing diapers? Ew.

Raj: Oh, I have to go to the bathroom so bad.

Sheldon: Every year. I told you, wear a diaper.

Apparel Problems

Scoring shirts at any major sporting event, concert, or in this case comic con can be tricky. I think we can all relate to Sheldon’s sentiments.

Sheldon: Oh, Sunday’s the worst. Everybody’s leaving, most of the good panels are over, and the only T-shirts they have left are small and XXXXL.

Drastic Measures

Please take a moment to truly understand the drastic measures Sheldon is willing to take to get to Comic Con.

Sheldon: I told you. Buying scalped tickets is against the rules. If you get caught, you get banned from Comic-Con for life. Life, Leonard. You’re gonna feel pretty silly when we’re 80 years old, and you have to drive me down there and then wait in the car for three days.

Penny Knows The Value Of A Dollar

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Penny may not understand Comic Con, but she does understand the ways of the world.

Penny: I can’t believe Leonard is spending hundreds of dollars on scalped tickets.

Amy: Last week, you spent that on a little dress.

Penny: Yeah, but those tickets only get him into Comic-Con. That dress gets me into anywhere I want.


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