big bang theory thanksgivingCredit: These Thanksgiving Big Bang Theory episodes will distract from the inappropriate fruitcake. It’s Food Day! While you’re giving thanks to family and all the other things going on in life, you might remember: Uh oh, here come the dinner table arguments.

Not to fear! If you’re concerned with a variety of awkward extended encounters with distant family, there’s always a solution. What better way to take your mind off things than with other awkward people.

Their dinner table argument is about the structural integrity of Green Lantern’s powers.

In the spirit of the holidays, it might be time to revisit some classic. The Big Bang Theory has a few Thanksgiving-themed episodes. They might be from an older season, but they’re as good as ever. In them is still the same old well-written comedy, with a few touching moments to boot. So let’s get started.

My friend is here to stay.

From season 3, the 4thBig Bang Theory Thanksgiving episode was “The Pirate Solution.” In it, while everyone is working on holiday plans, Raj is in trouble.

Because his research hit a dead end, he faces deportation back to India being a worker’s visa. To stay, he’s got to keep working. Sheldon nonchalantly suggests piracy, but you know, not the best idea.

It’s a great episode full of classic shenanigans, but also touches on an important theme: friendship. No better way to celebrate the holiday than to protect your friends.

The next Thanksgiving Big Bang Theory episode didn’t appear until four years later. In the seventh season, the ninth episode came out as “The Thanksgiving Decoupling.”

Maybe my family isn’t so bad. . .

A perfect subject for the Thanksgiving season, Howard invites everyone over to his mother’s place for dinner. No spoilers, but pinning together an awkward gathering with even more awkward family is a recipe for disaster. And comedy!

This episode is a great jab at all those tough dinner conversations or wondering what nonsense extended family might bring with them. Alcohol, bad food, jokes, what’s not to love? Not to mention we get to see the fathers and mothers of characters who only talk about them in a joking fashion.

No Frankenstein’s monster turkeys, I hope.

The third and final Thanksgiving Big Bang Theory episode came about last season, specifically, season 9 episode 9. “The Platonic Permutation”

Here’s a nice one if you need to remind yourself of all the discomfort Thanksgiving can bring. Sheldon, for instance, wants to go to the local Aquarium but no one is interested. The only other option then is Amy, who he has a rough patch with.

The B-plot has Howard, Raj, and Bernadette volunteering at a soup kitchen. Though, Howard’s not too happy about it. What better way to spend time than have someone whining every few seconds about hard work.

Lastly, Leonard learns his wife may not know everything about him. Things unfold from there as good as “forgetting your birthday” only can.

So there you go. A few familiar episodes to stuff your television. Make it an escape while everyone else fights for leftovers.

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