The Crew of the Walking Dead Has Done a Great Job at Protecting Season 7 Spoilers


Five long months have passed since Season 6 of The Walking Dead Ended. Negan smashed in at least one head of the crew during the final scenes of the season. Fans have been scouring the internet in hopes of figuring out who Negan killed. Abraham and Glenn are the primary guesses by many critics and fans.

The creators of the show have done astonishingly well at keeping the truth of who died a secrets. Fans have been unable to unveil the victim of Negan regardless of how relentless their search has been. The crew at the Walking Dead has been the only reason the victim’s Identity has been so well hidden.

The executive producer of the show Greg Nicotero was heard to say, “We’ve gone to pretty significant lengths.”

The final scene of the Walking Dead Season 6 was even shot on the backlot so it would be protected by people looking to uncover information. People have been known to climb trees and use telephoto lenses to capture secrets from the show. The creators went through great lengths to ensure the secret victim’s identity would be safe until the premier. (Season 7 of the Walking Dead Premiers October 23rd at 9 PM on AMC)

There are actually people who have the job to ruin the show. The creators have the job of stopping that from happening while preserving the show’s storyline. They spend a lot of time and energy to keep the show’s story secret. This is just the way things have become, it’s too bad because a lot of fans get the story ruined by people who share information.

The Crew of the Walking DeadThe name of Negan’s victim has even been excluded from being painted on the wall of Alexandria. Any pictures of the wall with the victim’s name on it would have been shot long after the premier of Season 7 was filmed. AMC has taken serious steps against would be spoilers. The Network has threatened a small group of fans who have set out to spoilt the show for the rest of the fans.

AMC didn’t even release any new footage at Comic Con in Sand Diego. Recaps of the Walking Dead Season 7 were the only scenes released prior to Negan taking center stage at the convention. The lengths AMC goes to in order to protect the integrity of the show is much appreciated by fans everywhere. The only way you’ll be able to discover what happened to the gang is to watch the Season 7 Premier.

The Walking Dead Season 7 will start on October 23rd on AMC at 9 PM ET. Re-watch Season 6 of the Walking Dead on Blu-Ray or Netflix before the new season starts. Leave your guess who was killed in the Season 6 finale below in the comment section.

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