Kunal Nayyar is smart, good-looking, has a charming accent and plays Raj on the Big Bang Theory, but then, who doesn’t know that?!

We all know Kunal as this geeky modest guy with a heart of gold on the show. But what do you know about Kunal Nayyar apart from him being super charming and a great actor?

We’re told his natural charm and charisma were precisely the reason he was selected for the part of Raj – he was so charming at the auditions that everyone knew he was the right guy. But what is it about Kunal that many people don’t know?

http://www.thefactsite.com/2012/03/kunal-nayyar-facts.htmlKunal Nayyar

Here are three lesser-known facts about Kunal Nayyar!

Kunal Rivals Kaley Cuoco on the Court!

What do these two have in common, apart from playing in the same TV show? As it turns out – they do share a similar interest in sports. Kaley was a regionally-ranked amateur tennis player before moving on to another career. Kunal has a slightly different sport of preference – badminton. Now, you might think badminton is not really a ‘manly’ sport and Kaley gets an upper hand here, but many would disagree. Obviously, Kunal himself. Not only did he play for his school team, he competed at a state level in India! 

Kunal past has some thinking he’s a really dangerous guy.

Okay, this might sound a bit odd. But profiling and prejudice have nothing to do with it! Yes, you and I would instantly recognize our beloved actor, but don’t criticize those who might think he is a dangerous guy. And all thanks to CBS drama NCIS, a series about the naval criminal investigative service. The thing is – Kunal had a brief appearance on the show. And who did he play? An Iraqi terrorist Youssef Zidane. 

Kunal’s performance was probably persuasive enough for him to go on landing bigger and bigger roles after that. And the transition from an Iraqi terrorist in a criminal drama to a charming Indian geek on a sitcom is quite astonishing. This guy does have a range.

Kunal is Married to Miss India

credit - people.comcredit – people.com

This one is actually quite well known but we didn’t want to leave it out. Because we did mention Kunal playing a not very hardcore sport and how he can be mistaken for a terrorist, so we definitely have to make up for this. And is there a better way to show how awesome you are than to be married to a Miss India?!

Kunal and Neha Kapur (Miss India of 2006) got married in 2011 after meeting on a blind date! The funniest part of the whole thing is the way the ceremony was organized. Because the parties wanted a traditional family wedding, Kunal entered the ceremony riding a white horse. Talk about dramatic entrances. 

Being an actor almost always offers you amazing and crazy opportunities. But the business is built in such a way that every little detail and news story gets covered and most actors are left with few stories and interesting facts to tell. Thankfully, Kunal is not one of them.

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