It Looks Like THIS May Be Sadie’s New Man… Watch This


Sadie Robertson recently invited Steven Malcolm on the Live Original tour. Steven is a young Christian rapper from Nashville. Together to two make a great pair, and have already produced a hilarious rap about cereal.

Christian Rapper Steven Malcolm Joins Sadie’s Squad

Sadie Robertson has a pretty cool squad. The Duck Dynasty star brings along a whole host of musical guests and celebrities on her Live Original tour. The latest member to be added to that list? Steven Malcolm, a christian rapper from Nashville.

Steven has a compelling story, much like the rags to riches tales we often hear on Duck Dynasty. The musician was destined to play in the NBA, but hit a rough patch in college. His website says, “But going into my freshman year of college, stuff just really hit the fan and life really smacked me across the face. My family was going through hard times and then I started having an identity crisis where I was looking at life and wondering ‘what am I here for?”

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However, Steven was able to pull himself through the rough patch, and find God. Steven says a friend invited him to church. At first he was apprehensive, but quickly found a home. Then one thing led to another, and he was serving on the worship team. He recalls, “…Somebody asked me what I thought about serving the church as part of the worship team, and dude, the feeling of being on stage and having people engage with God became everything to me. It finally felt like my purpose in life.”

The Music Video

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Now Steven Malcolm tours the country, performing at tons of musical festivals, churches, and concerts. He recently released a hilarious music video entitled Cereal. The song is about eating cereal at any time of day. It’s light-hearted, fun, and very different from the typical rap and pop videos we see on television. There’s no profanity, no skimpy clothing, and no suggestive content.

Plus, Sadie Robertson is featured rapping her own hilarious verse. The star announced earlier this week that Steven will be joining her on the Live Original tour, and the pair will be performing the song for fans. We can’t wait to see Steven set the bar high for Chrsitian rappers all over the country.