They Broke World Records in a Rather Hilarious Way.

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Though Sheldon Cooper has been a solo act since the beginning of The Big Bang Theory, most of that changed when Amy came on board. An equally smart neuron scientist, the two fell together over the course of several seasons. And because of that, they broke world records.

Are You Kidding?

As much as one thinks this is a joke, it’s not! Not to say it’s a bad thing, it’s pretty amazing. TBBT is wildly popular for numerous reasons. Whether it’s the jokes, background gags, equations, scientific principles, or characters, there are lots of things to love.

But how did the show break a world record? With a relationship.

Specifically Amy and Sheldon.

That’s right; the nerdy power couple is what drew in viewers like nothing else. It’s what broke records and made television history.

So how did it happen? Well, on December 7th, 2015, the episode premiere promised Sheldon and Amy would take their relationship to the next level. AKA “coitus.”

Well now. Apparently, this saucy concept grabbed national attention like nothing else. It’s hard to blame them, Amy and Sheldon have been back and forth for half a decade!

The episode “The Opening Night Excitation” certainly did its job, shattering all previous Guinness records related to televised viewing.

They Almost Broke TV.

According to the record, over 24 million people tuned in to see if Sheldon and Amy would, you know, do the thing. It’s a gigantic premiere that no television show has matched, not even The Simpsons or Friends.

Good grief. That’s a lot of folks interested in the possible future relations of the nerdiest pair I can think of. Why people tuned in for the episode isn’t exact. Was it because fans were so excited to see these characters move up a level? Or was the idea of geeky “relationships” just too hilarious to pass up?

I mean Sheldon, trying to make love? It sounds as ridiculous as a tiny man living in a black hole. But it happened.

A Huge Moment for a Huge Show.

Since the episode broke world records, they’ve set a standard for future television shows. It’s hard to imagine anyone else topping such gigantic viewership.

The exciting reality, however, is the record could be broken again. I mean Bernadette is currently pregnant! What happens when Howard becomes a father? Will viewership skyrocket again?

Even if not, it’s hilarious to think about. The one thing which got TBBT in a record book was, as Amy and Sheldon say: coitus.

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