The Big Bang Theory will have one major change on set for the eleventh season. After ten seasons with the series showrunner, Steve Molaro, has moved on to help get Young Sheldon off the ground. Here’s who will be replacing him.

Steve Holland As The Big Bang Theory Showrunner

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Steve Molaro has been the showrunner at TBBT since its conception. Now, however, he’s moving on with the show’s spin-off series- Young Sheldon. Don’t worry- there will be a new Steve on the block to take his place.

Steve Holland has been named the new TBBT showrunner. Holland is no stranger to Big Bang either. He’s been a part of the writing team for quite some years now, so he understands how the show operates. Fans probably won’t even be able to tell the minute differences he brings to the table.

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What exactly is a showrunner‘s position? They basically run the writers room and help everyone collaborate to make a great story. They are typically the head executive

They basically run the writers’ room and help everyone collaborate to make a great story. They are typically the head executive producer and have overall authority when it comes to the show’s direction. Basically, Steve Holland is the guy who will get the final say about what happens to Sheldon, Amy, Penny, Leonard and all your other favorite characters. Both Steves have been with Big Bang for quite some time now, and also subsequently wrote for the old 90s children’s comedy show All That.

Young Sheldon’s Expected Success

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It would seem CBS is truly pouring all of its resources into Young Sheldon. The choice to move TBBT’s showrunner to the spin-off series leads us to believe the network is priming the family comedy to be its next big success. It will also ensure that the two series are as cohesive as possible. No one knows Big Bang better than Steve Molaro, and he’s sure to ensure Sheldon’s story is told as accurately as possible.

What do you think about TBBT’s decision to pull a new showrunner?


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