The Big Bang Theory and it’s array of characters are a gold mine for memorable and poignant quotes. This time of the year you’re probably in a desperate need for excuses, responses and ingenious ways of getting out of family dinners or friend’s visits. 

So, how can The Big Bang Theory help you here? Easy, just look through these awesome quotes and pick out what suits your situation best. You must have one of these quotes at your disposal at all times By Cool TV Props You must have one of these quotes at your disposal at all times By Cool TV Props

“I’d like to go, but unfortunately, that sounds awful.”

This was said  to Howard by none other than our beloved Sheldon Cooper when he was invited to their family’s house for Thanksgiving. If you haven’t had the guts to say something like this to a friend’s face, now might be a perfect time to exercise such a bold response. In love of course.

“He can’t go to space. He’s like a baby bird. Do you know he once got an asthma attack from reading an old library book?”

Okay, we realize it’s highly unlikely you’d be asked to go into outer space. And there’s no need for someone like Bernadette to try to talk you out of it, as she did with Howard. But who know’s, if you were asked maybe you should go! At least just for a while to forget about all this political nonsense that’s been going on. Seriously, though, saying you’re sick is probably in the top-3 excuses used to get out of doing something. Yes, we’re not in the middle school anymore, but that’s what makes this tactic brilliant and artful – no one would expect such a silly excuse from an adult! Weekend at the aunt’s cabin house in the woods? No, sorry, I’m allergic to pinewood. And, yep, it started just this year.

“Ever since I saw Pretty in Pink, I’ve wanted to go to an American prom. But then I saw Carrie and did not want to go to an American prom. Then I saw Never Been Kissed and I’m back on the prom bandwagon. This prom things been a real rollercoaster”

credit Star Watch bilinecredit Star Watch biline

This is Raj explaining his on and off again relationship with the prom. And it is, in a way, brilliant. Blaming popular culture and movies for your decision making. If you don’t want to do something, like go on a cruise, say you’ve just watched “Jaws” and you’re not very keen on being around vast bodies of water right now. And the best part of this is, if you change your mind, just say you’ve seen another movie that changed your mind completely! Although, it’s kind of difficult to think about a positive movie involving the ocean or sea…Finding Nemo, maybe?

Finally, it’s worthwhile saying, that even though Sheldon objected going to the Thanksgiving dinner at Howard Mom’s house – he did go and had a really nice time there.

So, you never know what awaits you, unless you try it. Unless you really really don’t want to do something socially active, like go to a party or a family reunion – just clear your mind and be open to it, who knows something actually positive might happen there!

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