Which Big Bang Theory Star Was Destined For A US Open Trophy Or Grammy?


We always knew that The Big Bang Theory cast was extremely talented.

It might not come as a complete surprise that their talents extend far beyond acting. However, the diversity of these talents is kind of amazing. Today, we focus on two of the most interesting skills and talents the leading characters of The Big Bang Theory and the actors playing them have. 

Guess Who’s a Regionally Ranked Tennis Player?

This one should be easy. Not only is this fact included in all sorts of trivia about the show and the actor, but you can see it with the naked eye. Yes, Kaley Cuoco was a regionally ranked amateur tennis player! A natural at the age of 3, she was really good but had to quit when she was 16 years old. Who knows where a professional sports career might have led Kaley, but for Big Bang fans, she turned out alright. 

Kaley Cuoco playing tennis

Kaley did run into some troubles because of her sporty lifestyle. Before one of the season premieres, Kaley broke her leg while horseback riding. Her leg cast was a bit difficult to introduce into the series because some episodes had already been filmed and scripted, so she simply stood behind the counter for a couple episodes until it was removed. It’s all about positioning.

The Williams’ sisters continue to hold the top spots in US tennis pretty tight. And we certainly know that no one would fit as perfectly into the role of Penny, so Big Bang Theory fans should be happy that Kaley picked up her acting career instead of another sport.

Do they give out Grammys for the best Theremin performance?

I bet half The Big Bang Theory audience had no idea what a Theremin was until it became Big-Bang-Famous by Sheldon Cooper, played by Jim Parsons. His rendition of “Nobody Knows” gave us an insight into what the Theremin sounds like. Though he made it look easy, the Theremin is deemed one of the most difficult instruments to play, let alone to master it. And while solving all sorts of math equations and problems might be pure acting on the part of Jim Parsons, the Theremin playing is genuinely real!

credit; youtube
credit; youtube

Quite extraordinarily – without ever playing the thing before, Sheldon is amusing us with some cool tunes which are not pre-recorded. Admittedly, his playing might not be worthy of a Grammy, but the actor’s dedication to playing the part to perfection certainly is. 

New career opportunities?

We’re going to let go of all the ‘The Big Bang Theory’s final season’ speculations for this one and not hint at new potential career paths for the two actors. Let’s hope, that tennis and playing the Theremin will continue to be leisure hobbies for our beloved Penny and Sheldon, while they remain on the show for more seasons to come! But still, having Sheldon add some music and Penny playing tennis every once in a while wouldn’t hurt.