Sadie Robertson has been on a media tour recently, promoting her new movie Sun Sand And Romance, and she let a little celebrity crush slip. Apparently Sadie’s noticed Justin Beiber’s new interest in Christianity, and she’s definitely interested in him.

“Hit Me Up Beibs!”

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“Hit me up Beibs!” Sadie said, when asked who her celebrity crush is. Sadie has been focusing on her career lately, without much time for dating.

The young star has her own clothing like with Rue 21. She’s also the headliner of her own tour, Live Original, and she’s been filming a Hallmark movie entitled Sun Sand And Romance. However, Sadie did make it seem like she’d be able to make time for the pop star. “Now that Justin Beiber is like going to all these Christian conferences,” Sadie said, “I’m like, ‘hit me up Beibs!’”

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Sadie’s movie Sand Sun and Romance premiered on the Hallmark channel on August 26th, and the star said filming it was a hardly hard work. “When they asked me to shoot in Cancun for a month, I was like, ‘Um, yes please!’” said Sadie. “It could not even be a job, it was like a dream.”

Sadie’s character in the movie is a “People pleaser,” who works for the male lead. Sadie enjoyed playing someone similar to her. “What an honor to play a character like that! It was cool getting to play somebody who is happy, and enjoys living,” the star noted.

She’s Picky

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Sadie admitted she won’t be starring in just any movie in the future. The Duck Dynasty alum is proud to have worked on this project, but is selective about what sort of story she’ll take part in.

“My main passion in my whole life is just to motivate and encourage girls and guys to just be confident in who they’re originally created to be. With that kind of being my foundation, if a movie doesn’t line up with that—it doesn’t inspire people to be the best version of themselves—then I just can’t do it.”

Could you see Sadie Robertson and Justin Beiber dating in the future?

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