Are The Games Better Than The Show?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

FanSided just released an article about some issues they have with The Walking Dead, specifically the latest season. One of their comments is that “The Games Are WAY Better” than the series.

Their defense for this statement is that the character development and story within the game is better than the series. Obviously, this is just an opinion, but when arguing against the first half of Season 7, perhaps there’s some merit there.

So what’s so great about the games?

Playing An Interactive Movie

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Telltale

Obviously, the games from Telltale are a triumph for the overall franchise of The Walking Dead. They’re especially great now, when the series is off the air for six months between Season 7 and Season 8.

FanSided writes, “The games from Telltale are more like interactive movies. It offers a much different experience from both the show and comics in that it got to enter a well-established universe with a massively popular fan base and cross over with some well-known characters.”

The success of the games, however, likely comes from the comic and AMC series.

The Key Will Always Be Story

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Image Comics

It’s difficult to say whether or not these games from Telltale would do as well or reach the same audience without The Walking Dead on AMC. Sales from the comics certainly went up when the show hit the air.

In terms of being an “interactive movie,” that’s really what separates all films and television from video games. Regardless of which fans prefer, the key to both elements come down to story.

For those who think The Walking Dead is just a show about zombies, there’s nothing further than the truth. This is equally true of the game and the comic. There’s so much heart in the series that it may last up to twenty seasons.

Regardless of which you prefer, the stories are what will keep fans coming back for more.

Have you ever played The Walking Dead game?

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