Determining The Funniest English Word

Jim Parsons and Jimmy Kimmel are no strangers to comedy. The host of Jimmy Kimmel Live said that some researchers in England were conducting a study to find out the funniest word in the English language. They concurred it was “booty.”

Kimmel didn’t believe that this was actually the funniest word in America, although it might be overseas. To try and determine the actual funniest word, he took to the streets to discuss funny words with tourists in his area.

The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons also got in on the action.

Talking To Tourists About Funny Words

Jimmy Kimmel | Photo Credit ABC

It looks like they asked all kinds of passers-by in Los Angeles, where the show is shot. One of Kimmel’s interns went out to talk to those who were walking around the streets of Hollywood.

“Booty is not the funniest word—not even close,” said the host. “In fact, tonight, we’ve compiled a list of actual funny words to set the record straight. “Four-time Emmy award winner for best comedy actor…” begins Kimmel to introduce Parsons.

Jim Parsons came out with a scroll to present funnier words than booty.

Words Funnier Than The Word “Booty”

Jim Parsons | Photo Credit ABC

The actor then listed off a series of words such as “Monkey, Canoodle, Gargle, Cockpit, Bigly, Uranus, Nuts, Balls, Cumberbatch, Wenis, Reince Priebus, Horny, Poop, Albert Pujols, Boner, Nips, Gubernatorial,” and “Bazinga!”

The last joke was clearly for fans of Jim Parson’s series, The Big Bang Theory, but all of these words did get a good response from the audience. Even Parsons laughed at the word, “Cockpit.”

For those who can’t get enough of Jim Parsons, he’s going to be presenting an award at the Emmy’s this year and his series will come back on the air in September as well. Reruns of the show are also on various channels like TBS.

Which word made you laugh the most from the list above?

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