Do You Agree With EVERYTHING The Robertson Family Has Said About Gun Control?


The Robertson family is comprised of men and women who love to hunt. They have made a nice living off of the sport, and their gun wielding ways pushed them onto America’s television sets. But what does this family have to say about the ever-present debate of gun control in America?

The Robertson Family On Gun Control

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It seems that gun control is debated more now than ever. After Valentine’s day’s school shooting in Florida, parents, students, and teachers are begging their government and communities for change.

Some people, including the President have suggested arming teachers will help in situations like these. Back in 2016 Phil Robertson agreed with the idea. He said, ““People just come in the way they’ve done in some of these schools and start shooting up the place. I would feel better about it if my children were in that school, if someone- and I would have to stress that they’d have to be fully trained and know fire arms and be fully vetted- but I would say at least they’d have had a better chance if that were the case.”

Jase Robertson also believes more guns are the answer. He stated in 2015 that he believes the more armed, good intentioned people, the better. He explained, “It just seems, it’s giving power to people with evil intentions, if they can go to a gun free area, and they’re the only ones with a gun.”

Si Says It’s A Spiritual Problem

Si Robertson doesn’t believe guns are the problem at all. He told Men’s Journal Magazine,It ain’t gun control we need, it’s sin control.” Both he and his brother believe that America has a spiritual problem. They think that more religion in schools and government will decrease mass shootings.

Willie Robertson agrees. He previously said on Fox, “Are we taking cars away now? Because they can be just as legal…Guns are regulated…It’s regulated. The guns are in the hands of mostly good people. Just like police officers are mostly good people. Yes there are some bad ones, but you can’t just make a sweeping [generalization] take away the whole 2nd amendment over this.”

Do you agree with the Robertson family’s views on gun control? Do you think recent events will changes their stances any time soon?