5 Things You Should Know About Laurie Metcalf- The Woman Behind Mary Cooper


The Big Bang Theory is well known for bringing in some of the best of the best to guest star as friends family and coworkers of the main gang. Laurie Metcalf is no exception when it comes to the phenomenal talent that’s graced the series.

Here’s what you need to know about the woman behind Mary Cooper.

Laurie Metcalf’s Acting Career

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Laurie Metcalf was born in humble beginnings in the middle of Illinois, which she says “isn’t anywhere near a theater.” She originally worked as a secretary, was never interested in acting, and even considered herself hideous. So how did an unlikely star blossom?

Laurie slipped into acting in college. She attend Illinois State University, where she received a degree in theater. She and a few other notable class mates established the well known Steppenwolf Theater Company, where she originally got her start in acting. The irony is, this is exactly how Jim Parsons got his start in entertainment- studying in college and performing in live theater.

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Laurie then made her way to Broadway, where she appeared in November, and most recently she returned to the great white way. Laurie recently received the Tony award for best actress in a play, for her work in A Dolls House Part 2.

Laurie Metcalf On Big Bang Theory

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How did a stage actress find her way onto our television sets? Laurie appeared in a few short films before working her way up in New York City. She even appeared as a cast member of Saturday Night Live- but only for one episode.

Laurie found her comedy chops playing Jackie on  Roseanne. This is where she first met fellow Big Bang star Johnny Galecki. Laurie received Emmy nominations for her work on the show. She also had a recurring role on Desperate Housewives

We love Mary Cooper, and we love seeing Laurie Metcalf on Big Bang Theory. Don’t you?

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