The Perfect Example of Why Dogs Will Always Be Loyal to Us


We all have a story to share about how a close friend was disloyal to us at one point. But that’s just how we people work. We almost always put our interests first, but dogs are different. They’re not afraid to risk their lives to save ours.

That’s how loyalty works.

Bear is a 12-year-old dog who was loyal to his owner to the end and beyond. When 76-year-old James Ringle passed away, Bear wasn’t planning to abandon her owner.

Bear was there for three more days, after he passed away. Bear didn’t drink, eat or even use the bathroom. She was just sitting there beside her beloved owner.

Loyalty pays of at the end

But after James’s nephew arrived, Bear was moved to a local rescue.

“Bear’s loyalty will help get her a home–we just know it. You’re going to fall in love with this darling girl when you hear her story,” the rescue wrote on Facebook.

The dog was confused and sad, because her owner was no longer there for her. But Bear still was a wonderful dog with loving personality.

“Bear is a quiet girl here…But, there is a light in her that brightens when she gets outside for a walk with our volunteers,” according to the FB post. “She smiles, she trots when she walks, she leans into you when being held and loves to lay on a cool ground. Bear is an absolute doll.”

There’s was no interest in Bear’s adoption in the first few days. But the situation changes after the story went viral.

“My favorite part of this whole story is the power of social media,” said Bailey Dickens from BARCS’. “This was a dog that was here for several days and she was overlooked by people who wanted puppies. As soon as we posted her story on social media, there was incredible interest in her.”

Chelsea Hagerty and her husband Alex Cheamitru were among the group of people who submitted an application for adopting Bear. As it turns out, the couple was perfect for Bear.

BARCS Animal Shelter
BARCS Animal Shelter

They already fostered dogs from BARCS, and Bear was on her way to her new and loving home.

“I was surprised when we got her because we were [not first] on the list,” Hagerty told People. “I was so happy to bring her home … and just figured she is old and tired and she shouldn’t have to spend the last few years of her life in a shelter. She should have someone take care of her, like she took care of her [former owner].”

Bear is now happily living in her new home with her new parents, and a sibling as well. Panda, a 2-year-old pup, will make sure Bear is welcomed in her new home.

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