The American Humane Hero Dog Awards premieres October 25, 2017, at 8/7c. This amazing show is honoring seven dog categories and hosted by James Denton and Beth Stern.

Pierce – Guide And Hearing Hero Dog

Guide and Hearing Dog, Pierce is in the running for the 2017 hero dog awards.

Seen on the Hallmark Channel, “While serving with the U.S. Army 82nd Airborne Division during the first Gulf War (Operation Desert Storm), Don sustained an injury that eventually claimed his vision. For more than two decades, Don navigated through life with his white cane, along with the support of his wife, Peggy, and two children. As an experienced cane traveler who moved about the world quite well, Don had not seriously considered getting a guide dog until the one particular day he fondly remembers as a turning point in his journey.” Find out more about that day and Pierce and Don’s relationship here.

Luca – Search and Rescue Dog

Search and rescue dog, Luca is presented in the 2017 hero dog awards

“On April 15, 2016, Fort Worth Police were dispatched to locate a missing endangered male. Two elderly men visited a large salvage yard when one suddenly realized his friend with Alzheimer’s was missing. After a brief search, he knew he needed help and called the police. After an extensive search, Sgt Medrano asked Officer Brock if Luca would be of any help. Luca is Officer Brock’s retired SAR German Shepherd who was ten years old at the time of this call. Luca excelled in area searches–water, avalanche and forest/desert. Officer Brock believed Luca excelled in this because it meant a helicopter ride that Luca loved.” Check out the rest of the story here.  

Ice – Law Enforcement And Arson Dog

Law Enforcement and Arson dog, Ice appears at the 2017 hero dog awards

In the early hours of July 21, 2016, a team of Officers from the US Forest Service and Deputies from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office team up. They were investigating an illegal marijuana garden on public lands within the Shasta-Trinity National Forest. Two suspects attempted to flee, and Ice was deployed to capture one of the suspects. 

As Ice was apprehending the suspect, the suspect used a large knife to stab Ice twice in the chest as well as the face and muzzle. Despite the serious wounds, Ice remained to apprehend the suspect until the suspect was taken into custody. Ice’s bravery likely saved the other officers from getting stabbed or injured.

Atlas the Wonderdog – Service Dog

service dog, Atlas the wonderdog can be seen at the 2017 hero dog awards

“After coming home from Iraq, struggling with PTSD and dealing with the effects of a TBI from a roadside bomb, I was virtually lost, locked in my own personal prison. I began getting treatment while still Active Duty, which consisted of talk therapy and a single prescription. After getting out of the Marines, I continued treatment with the VA system, and nearly a decade later, the ‘treatment’ consisted of more than eight different prescriptions totaling more than 33 pills a day…my life felt very sad, hazy, and hopeless…I was lost. Until I found Atlas,” writes his owner. Learn more here.

Aladdin – Therapy Dog

hallmark channel photo credit – therapy dog, Aladdin at the 2017 hero dog awards

“The emaciated Aladdin has both of his back legs and tail broken, he’s missing 12 teeth and has open wounds. I foster emaciated dogs, and he came to me. From the moment I met him, his little tail never stopped wagging, despite his horrific condition,” says a Hand in Paw, representative.

Another thing to note, “Aladdin had a rough recovery, but he overcame the obstacles put before him. He greeted every person with a lot of hope, and despite the abuse he suffered, he trusted enough to learn that no one would hurt him again. Within the year he was a certified therapy dog bringing love to everyone he meets.”

The Ronald McDonald House named Aladdin their Ambassador dog, his favorite duty! Visiting schools, doing humane educational and anti-bullying programs is one of his favorite things. As a trained crisis response dog, Aladdin spent a week in Orlando last year after the shooting doing therapy visits and fundraising for the Victims Fund. He works with the Philadelphia Police, fundraising for the Fallen Officers Fund and attending the events they do with special needs children. This ambassador dog for Tito’s Vodka for Dog People Campaign has raised over 300,000 for rescues and shelters all over. He also works with Veterans and PACT for Animals.

Adak – Military Dog

The military dog, Adak is in the running for a 2017 hero dog award. Credit Hallmark channel

Adak is a 13-year-old German Shepherd. The longevity and accomplishments of Adak, as an explosive detection dog, are hero-worthy. During his career, he has provided support to dignitaries, celebrities, and events across more than ten states and three countries. This military dog is a Contract Working Dog (CWD) for the US State Department (DoS). He works in Iraq and Afghanistan, the US Army, Ft. McCoy and for a private business, Dogs for Defense Incorporated (D4D).

Adak’s first assignment was in Iraq in 2006. Adak supported the US Embassy and dignitaries. Adak performed a sweep of the Bagdad Central Station before the arrival of a dignitary. While performing the sweep Adak alerted to a vehicle in the area, canceling the event.

Abigail – The Emerging Hero Dogs

Watch hero dog, Abigail, at the 2017 hero dog awards

Forced to live a life she didn’t ask for, meet Abigail, a former fighting dog. Abigail and her bonnets have changed the world. This amazing HERO dog teaches us about forgiveness and dogfighting. Abigail Bonnets bring awareness to the importance of and ways to help “End Dog Fighting.” This one-year-old pit mix, Abigail, arrived at LIFE Rescue in Miami. Upon her arrival and after further examinations the findings showed she suffered the life of suspected dog fighting. Anemic, infested with ticks, scars covering her bloody head, neck, and back legs, with half her face missing, the smell is horrible. Dried mud was a disguise. Once clean, we see her skin, ripped off, right down to the eardrum. The rest of her story can be read here.

Let us know what you think about the awards. As a bonus, take a look at these ways to communication tips to connect with your rescue dog.

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