WATCH: Luke Bryan Talks about His butt with Ellen, Gets Soaked with Water Balloons

By C. Murph | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-02

Luke Bryan, Ellen DeGeneres
Luke Bryan and Ellen DeGeneres (photo from

Ellen DeGeneres can’t go one episode without doing something ridiculous or outrageous. And that stayed true when she invited country star Luke Bryan to her couch. Or, I should say, her wet seat.

Bryan was on the Ellen DeGeneres Show September 28 to talk with the comedienne about…well, butt grabbing, among other things. 

He said in the early days of his career, if someone asked, “Can I grab your butt?”, he would oblige. 

“I can’t believe what I’m hearing,” DeGeneres responded. 

Check out the full interview here:

After the interview is when the fun started. 

Ellen had Bryan to remove his hat and sit down in a chair, suspiciously placed directly under a clear tube with balloons in it. She then called a huge Bryan-ite to the stage, Rachel Page, for the three of them to play a game called “Oops My Water Broke.”

The two ladies climbed onto a ledge above Bryan’s seat, and they took turns pulling sticks out of that clear tube above Bryan’s head. Stacked on top of the sticked were some water balloons, threatening to soak the star. The person who made all of the balloons fall lost the game. 

And either way, Bryan got wet. 

As one balloon fell, then two balloons, then three, Bryan jokingly complained.

“I thought y’all said this water was heated,” he said. “It’s pretty chilly.”

Rachel lost the game when she caused all the balloons to plummet down the tube, splashing her musical hero on the head. She may have lost the game, but she won something else.

“Hey,” Bryan said to DeGeneres. “Tell her the news?”

“No, you tell her the news,” DeGeneres said.

Bryan turned to Rachel: “You get tickets to my show in Detroit, Michigan.”

Not only that, but Bryan, standing their soaking wet, received a $10,000 check from Shutterfly for the Luke Bryan Farm Tour Scholarship Fund, which goes toward helping students from farming families.

You’ve got to see the game for yourself:

On September 20, Bryan released a new music video for his song “Move” from his album “Kill The Lights.”

Rolling Stone said his newest album “is well-turned Nashville radio bait, trite yet undeniable, sure to drive up bar tabs in 50 states and beyond. Dude knows his core fan base, and it’s no accident the lead three songs target ladies…”

His Farm Tour dates are coming up quick, so make sure to see if he’s coming to your area.

Oct. 5 Gaston, South Carolina with Granger Smith, Chris Janson, Peach Pickers
Oct. 6 Greenback, Tennessee with Jon Langston, Granger Smith, Peach Pickers
Oct. 7 Elizabethtown, Kentucky with Granger Smith, Chris Janson, Peach Pickers
Oct. 8 Monroeville, Indiana with Jon Langston, Granger Smith, Peach Pickers
Oct. 12 Batesville, Mississippi Jon Langston, Chris Janson, Peach Pickers
Oct. 13 Prairie Grove, Arkansas Jon Langston, Chris Janson, Peach Pickers
Oct. 14 Centralia, Missouri Jon Langston, Chris Janson, Peach Pickers
Oct. 15 Effingham, Illinois Jon Langston, Chris Janson, Peach Pickers


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