Founding Member Of Pink Floyd Syd Barrett Lost In The Darkness Of Helpless Madness

pink floyd's syd Pink Floyd’s Syd Barrett was a key piece in the spark that lit the fuse and igniting the career of the band. Floyd’s driving creative force and leader had a significant impact on the three other members of the original cast.

Syd Barrett is a legendary name in the music industry. He is notorious for both his music contributions and the heart breaking story of his life after the band. Pink Floyd‘s Syd Barrett was excluded from the band for an addiction to LSD, never coming out of his “trip.”

Syd Barrett, Roger Waters, Rick Wright, and Nick Mason were the founding members of Pink Floyd. The band originally called The Sigma 6 was formed by Waters, Mason, and Wright. The three started the band while in London studying architecture. Meanwhile Syd Barrett, studying art, knew Waters from childhood and was aware of the band his friend assembled. Following the exit of a Sigma 6 band member, Barrett became a member of the group.

Syd Barrett Creates The Name Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd’s Syd Barrett is the one who actually originated the name of the band.  He jump started the band.  An article released on Biography described Barrett’s role in the original band: “The band went through additional member and name changes, but in the summer of 1965, they began using the name Pink Floyd, a homage to two U.S. blues musicians, Pink Anderson and Floyd Council. Later that year, the band took to the studio for the first time, recording Beatles covers along with three of Barrett’s songs: “Double O Bo,” “Butterfly” and “Lucy Leave.” Barrett also had his first acid trip.”

When this initial rise kick-started by Syd Barrett began, the vocalist’s role became the leader. The three songs attracting attention to Pink Floyd were Syd Barrett’s. In 1966, Pink Floyd’s Syd Barrett helped the rock group playing become a full-time gig. In 1967 the band recorded and released their debut album, “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn.”

Pink Floyd’s Syd Barrett Slips Out of Reach

division bell tour and pulse

Following the release of their debut album, Syd Barrett started to slip away.  His addiction to hallucinogens reaching critical levels. Biography continues, “however, by the middle of that year, Barrett’s behavior became more unusual, and many attributed it to a psychotic break induced by LSD. In one concert he slowly detuned his guitar on stage, in others, he strummed one chord the entire show or didn’t play at all.”

Pink Floyd‘s Syd Barrett slipped further and further out of reach. As his massive appetite for LSD continued, communication became, in essence, impossible. As a result, early in 1967 Pink Floyd brought in David Gilmour as a second guitarist hoping Barrett would snap back to reality.  Unfortunately, that day never happened.  According to Biography, “on April 6, 1968, Pink Floyd announced that Barrett was no longer a member of the band.” David Gilmour permanently replaced Barrett. The history following is well-documented.

After being excluded from the band Syd Barrett never regained his footing. Attempts were made at a solo career, but never resulted in anything substantial. He retreated further into seclusion. But his profound impact on the band stayed forever. Pink Floyd struggled to find their way after Barrett was gone. The years before “Dark Side of The Moon” were spent trying to find a voice without him. Several Floyd songs were inspired by Syd Barrett. He remains one of the most remarkable musicians rarely talked about. Pink Floyd’s Syd Barrett died in 2006. 

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