Willie Opens The Front Door Of The Duck Commander Office To Find Uncle Si With…


In a surprising turn of events, Willie Robertson has apparently been replaced as CEO … by Uncle Si.

It seems Uncle Si has taken over Willie’s position as CEO of Duck Commander and Buck Commander (source: YouTube)

One day on the set of Going Si-ral, Willie walks up to his office door. He’s shocked to find a sign on it with Uncle Si’s name on it.

He opens the door to find Si with a makeup artist. It seems Uncle Si has taken over the office and Willie’s position as CEO of Duck Commander and Buck Commander.

“Hey, I’ll be right with you,” Si says, holding his finger up to Willie.

“Si, what are you doing in my office?” Willie asks, possibly feeling a tinge of fear that Si has taken over his job.

Uncle Si excuses the makeup artist from the office.

“Hey, as the sign on the door says, this is my dressing room,” Si explains. “I’m trying to get ready for my show. And I’d like a little privacy, so scram.”

“Si, you’re not getting ready in my office,” Willie says. “This is my office.”

“Look,” Uncle Si says. “I’ll compromise with you. I’ll share my dressing room–…”

“Si!” Willie interrupts. “Get out.”

Uncle Si stands up begrudgingly.

“You’re killing my pre-show vibe here,” he says.

Uncle Si leaves the office as he and Willie yell at each other. 

Uncle Si and Willie Robertson seem to be battling over the position of CEO of Duck Commander and Buck Commander (source: Pinterest)


And this is how episode six of the first season of Going Si-ral begins. Once you watch this episode (which you can do below), you’ll get a good idea of what this show is all about — a nephew and uncle bickering and hilariously discussing the internet.

Watch Season 1, episode 6 of Going Si-ral:

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