Have You Ever Wondered What R. Madrid Players Have to Say about Barcelona and Messi?

By Nenad Dojcinovski | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-04

We’ve seen a lot of nasty tackles, and dives between these two teams. They’re the biggest rivals in football, and the motivation to win is huge for both sides.

Even if the win is not going to make a difference, they’re not going down easily. Let’s say Barcelona is 10 points in front, and the El Clasico was the last game. R. Madrid will go out with the best squad, trying to make it difficult for their rivals.

But there’s one rule in football that goes beyond the game: what happens on the pitch, stays on the pitch.

Even after dirty fouls and occasional fights, they still shake hands after the match. Well, most of the time.

Many of these players play for the same country, and holding grunch is pointless. Ramos, Pique, Casillas, Iniesta were all part of the dominating Spanish team.

You need to work as a team, if you want to win titles.

But have you ever wondered what they think about Barcelona and Messi?

Casillas on Messi

“Messi [was my most difficult opponent], always Messi. I played against him many times” – Source.

Messi is after all the top scorer against R. Madrid.

Ronaldo on Barcelona winning La Liga

We’re all disappointed, but with 38 matchdays played, we can’t change anything now,” he said in the aftermath of Barça’s win. “Barcelona deserved to win La Liga.”

That’s exactly how a pro should handle losing a title.

Zidane on Messi

“Barcelona aren’t as good without Messi. They’ll still be an excellent side but it won’t be quite the same when he’s not playing.” – Source.

Raul on Messi


“I was lucky enough to play with Zidane, Ronaldo, Figo, Cristiano… but Messi is different; he makes everything look so easy, so effortless – even the impossible.”

“When you watch [Messi] play, it’s almost as though you are watching him in the street playing with his mates. From the time when I started out, the best players around then were Roberto Baggio and Ryan Giggs.” – Source.

Ramos on Messi

“Lionel Messi is a forward who can decide a game,” Ramos said. “Not only now but he has been demonstrating this for a few years.”

“He is undoubtedly the most feared of the Barcleona players.”

“You’ve got to take you hat off to him because even though Barcelona sometime have their bad games, Messi continues to make the difference with his level of play.” – Source.

Benzema on Messi

“Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo? I can’t choose between the two of them, because they are different players. I would really like to play with both of them.” – Source.

So when you put the rivalry aside, players for both teams have respect for each other. Because that’s what football is all about. Enjoy the game, respect you opponent and do your best for the team!


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