How To Cure A Chicken Wing In Golf


How To Cure A Chicken Wing

So many golfers do a chicken wing yet few ever cure it. This tip-off allows you to understand what chicken wing is by comparing it to another sport. Once you understand it you can then apply what you learned to your own swing.

So why is a chicken wing even worse?

1. It buckles your limbs causing you to lose arc width
2. It causes you to manipulate the clubface making inconsistencies
3. It add loft to your club making higher, shorter shots
4. It locks your wrists creating a slower release
5. It sends you over the top as you are hitting with your arms
6. It contributes to thin and topped shots
7. It doesn’t allow you to take a divot and hit compressed shots

Most people do a chicken wing through impact. If you don’t know if you do simply video your sway and look for buckling limbs through and past impact. If you see that you are doing this, immediately start working on this tip. Once you do, you will hit the ball better than ever.


Paul Wilson

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