The banner in West Virgina is stirring controversy just two words, “Trump Perry.” It was on display at a football game at Brooke High School in Wellsburg, West Virginia. During a home game against a predominantly black Perry HS team, students hang the banner on the bleachers.

Brooke High School_West VirginiaTrump-Perry banner causes controversy at West Virginia high school | Photo credit Post-Gazette

What happened to the good ole’ days? Remember when football games at the local high school were the place to be? Parents, teachers, students, and neighbors came together to show their support and have some wholesome community fun. 

Sadly, nights like these are over for some football fans in West Virginia thanks to leftists who deem a banner to be racist.

According to students, there is no ill-will behind the banner. Brooke Student Council President, Ashley Eby, explains that the theme of the week for that game was patriotism.  Because the word “trump” means “beat” and “since it’s the president’s name,” students say it’s the perfect sign.

However, Perry school officials feel differently. Posting a picture of the banner on Twitter, school librarian Sheila Stein calls it “sickening.” 

The caption in the post reads “My mostly black inner-city school played this team last night and were confronted w/this sickening racism.” Stein tags Brooke in her post along with Black Lives Matter agitator, Shaun King.

The Dangerous Apology

West VirginiaPhoto credit | WTOV

Consequently, after Stein’s accusatory post, Brooke’s school superintendent Toni Paesono Shute apologizes. 

In her letter, she refers to the banner as “insensitive, intimidating, and offensive.” 

“Policies were not followed by school administrators, to ensure a climate free from bullying and harassment,” Shute claims.

Unfortunately, for Shute, parents, and teachers don’t agree. In fact, many of them are calling for her resignation over the apology. 

Moreover, teachers are wearing red, white and blue clothing to show support for their students. They feel people might view their students as racists because of the apology.

Incidentally, at a Brooke County Board of Educating meeting on the issue, protesters are voicing their concerns. Some of them, fear their children are now at risk. 

“I’m concerned when they go out in public with a Brooke County shirt on after being labeled as they were in the letter of apology,” says parent Crystal Dunn.




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