Democrats will deny this until until their deaths. Even though though we have video evidence that we can throw in their face, they will never admit that Liberals are committing voter fraud.

A recent video reveals a the truth behind whats really going on in the polls. In the video we see a Democratic voter committing fraud in broad day light in Las Vegas.

 According toConservative Outfitters,

The clipboard the woman was carrying featured a large picture of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump inside the classic circle with a slash symbol along with the phrase “Stand up to Trump.”

She also had a handful of flyers on her clipboard featuring the campaign logo of Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton, along with a link for supporters to follow for more information or to make donations to the campaign.

When confronted about her partisanship by the man filming her, who claimed to be working for the Trump campaign, the woman quickly got into her vehicle and fled the scene, though not before the man got a clear shot of her California license plate, signifying she is from out of state.

The problem from all of this arises when one looks at the Nevada Revised Statutes governing voter registrationagencies and workers, specifically NRS 293.5045.

That statute states that any person who works for a voter registration agency shall not: (a) Seek to influence an applicant’s political preference or party registration; or (b) Display a political preference or party allegiance in a place where it can be seen by an applicant.

Violation of this statute is considered a category E felony, which can be punished by a term of probation, up to one to four years in prison, and a fine of up to $5,000.

There seems little question that this woman was in violation of subsection (b), and an argument could easily be made that she was violating (a) as well, since her partisan display could potentially influence applicants.

This is a serious offense, and if this is really going on Liberals need to brought to justice. The facts of the matter are we need your help. The police (god bless them) don’t have time to deal with this, so it’s up to common man/woman to take it upon themselves to shed light on what’s really going on.

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