US Detects Threatening Sub Activity

Submarine Missile Launch | Photo Credit Getty

The American military has detected “highly unusual and unprecedented levels” of submarine activity coming from North Korea. This also includes “ejection tests” after Pyongyang’s second ICBM launch.

Essentially, an ejection test will examine a missile’s “cold launch system,” which uses high-pressure steam to send a missile out of a canister into the air before the engines within ignite. This saves the submarine from flames or even excess heat.

Last Sunday’s ejection tests are actually the third one of the month and reports indicate that it is the fourth one of the year. North Korea appears to be testing their submarine launch capabilities.

Third Test Of The Month From North Korea

Kim Jong Un | Photo Credit Reuters

CNN writes:

“US officials also noted that a North Korean Sang-O submarine was operating in the Yellow Sea and the length of its deployment was notable. Two Romeo submarines were detected in the waters off Japan — each one operating in the area for about a week.”

“Coupled with reports of increased submarine activity, news of another ejection test comes amid concerns over North Korea’s launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile that appears to have the range to hit major US cities on Friday.

“Experts believe if Friday’s test had been fired on a flatter, standard trajectory, it could have threatened cities like Los Angeles, Denver, and Chicago.”

ICBM Tests Threaten Americans

ICBM Test | Photo Credit AP

The Independent writes:

“The successful intercontinental ballistic missile test over the weekend reinforces the belief that Pyongyang wants to develop their nuclear and missile capabilities in order to establish legitimacy on the international front, and to deter other countries from attacking them.”

“The tests have exacerbated relations with Pyongyang and the United States, where Donald Trump has expressed concern about North Korea’s nuclear capabilities in the past. It is unclear how Mr. Trump might respond to the latest developments if he responds publicly at all.”

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