Dow Jones Hits All-Time High Under Trump

President Trump | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons

U.S. equities hit an all-time high with special thanks to executive orders under Donald Trump. This included the Dow Jones passing 20,000 at a 150-point gain, which helped companies such as IBM, Boeing, and Goldman Sachs.

In addition to asking companies like Carrier and Ford to stay in America and create new jobs. Trump’s work within Wall Street is already leading to more jobs that will help American blue collar workers–not just investors because…

We  Highest Employment Rates Since 2007

Stock Market | Photo Credit Ticket Flip

As America’s big businesses begin to believe in the economy again, they can expand and create new jobs for America. The 20,000 figure represents the share prices of the 30 largest companies in the United States.

According to US Money News, “Over the last 81 months the private sector has added an impressive 15.6 million jobs, and in November the unemployment rate hit 4.6 percent for the first time since August 2007.”

While the Dow may just be a benchmark, it’s a job snowball rolling downhill creating even more…

Faith In President Donald J. Trump

President Trump | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons

In addition to Americans showing their confidence in the market, they will also (hopefully) begin to have more faith and President Donald Trump. All of the liberals are surprised that Trump is following through on his promises. As a businessman rather than a politician, it may be the first time in history.

According to U.S. Bank Wealth Management strategist Terry Sandven, “Out of the gate, President Trump is moving along with his agenda.” As the Dow rises, the economy will follow, and then more jobs for more Americans.

Now, it’s time to get back to work.

Will you stand behind President Trump as he continues to fix the economy?

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