Recently, we published a story detailing the reasons why Donald Trump was upset with Boeing. For almost a decade, the federal government has been spending our hard-earned money foolishly. President-elect Trump is working tirelessly to end out-of-control D.C. spending– he just scored another major victory.

It’s Not Just Planes That Are Soaring

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The average selling price of a Boeing 747 is between $52 and $87 million depending on the model. This means the cost of building them is much lower. Boeing’s price tag for building the new Air Force One planes is 10x higher than their cost of constructing a standard 747.

Obama used Air Force One a record setting 31 times for trips overseas. The cost of attending the funeral of Nelson Mandela topped $10 million dollars. 

But President-elect Trump is on the job, making sure this doesn’t continue. And it appears that Boeing has heeded his warning. When Trump tweeted…

Cancel the Order!

Donald Trump has not been shy about telling the world what he thinks. He is especially fond of using Twitter to issue his not-so-subtle messages. And his “messages” are turning heads throughout the business community.

Reading the writing on the Twitter feed wall– the commercial aircraft giant has met with Trump and now has changed their tune. CEO Dennis Mullenberg revealed that Boeing would build the new planes at a “substantially” lower cost. 

The President-elect was happy to report that the planes would come in “under budget and ahead of schedule.” After the meeting, Mullenberg praised Trump for his excellent “business head.”

We will likely see more of this type of recognition over the next four (hopefully eight) years. Donald Trump is showing the world how a strong America does business. 

In what other ways do you think Trump will end wasteful spending? Do you believe Boeing’s reversal is proof they were overcharging the taxpayers?






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