Anarchist Coming for Trumps

Social activists are undertaking a ten-day march from Charlottesville, Virginia to Washington D.C. The “March to Confront White Supremacy,” begins today and will reportedly reach Washington on September 6th. The ultimate goal of organizers is the impeachment of President Trump.

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“This is the time to confront white supremacy in our government and throughout our history. We demand that President Trump to be removed from office for allying himself with this ideology of hate and we demand an agenda that repairs the damage it’s done to our country and its people,” the website for the march reads.

Activists warn that the protests will include an “occupation” of Washington D.C. with daily non-violent demonstrations. “This will be a civil disobedience campaign, so bring what you need to stay,” said organizers. Several activists’ groups are participating in the march, including the Working Families Party, Action Group Network, United We Dream, and many others.

 “For years, white supremacist violence, rhetoric, and policies have escalated and intensified – exploding during Donald Trump’s run for president and reaching a boiling point in Charlottesville.”

For years. Not brought in by the Trump Administration. 

Dangerous Narratives

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Consider this: Where were the white supremacists marching on D.C for eight years demanding the impeachment of Barack Obama? Did we miss all the demands to take down MLK statues and to rename streets and buildings?

Contrary to their narrative, President Trump has vehemently condemned neo-Nazi, KKK, and white supremacist groups. Additionally, he condemns violent leftist groups like BLM and AntiFa as well. In fact, the president has denounced more radicals than his predecessor. A man who thrived on creating division, supporting criminals, and defending terrorists.

These are not the actions of people of “courage and moral conscious,” as the organizers have posited. They are the actions of anarchists, no doubt fueled by liberal lawmakers and mainstream media, and given a nod by Trump’s predecessor.

Their list of demands for Charlottesville officials is evidence of that. 




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