Protecting Pedestrians

Bollards to be installed on the Las Vegas strip. (Photo Credit: Fox5) We are living in dangerous times. Times that have forced all of us to imagine the unimaginable. Living with the possibility that a terrorist attack can happen anywhere, at any time, is both difficult and mind-boggling. It’s “better to be safe than sorry” has become the new mantra by which we now live.

Europe has found themselves reactive in the wake of three terrorist attacks over the last three months, that have left hundreds dead or wounded. Needless to say, federal, state, and local officials around the U.S. are paying close attention to the threat. Hoping to be proactive rather than reactive, many states are now preparing for worst case scenarios.

Hawaii officials recently announced an update to the disaster preparedness plans, in response to the growing nuclear threat from North Korea. Now, the city of Las Vegas has begun making the streets safer for pedestrians who have become a favorite target of radical Islamists. Clark County will be installing bollards to prevent vehicles from striking people walking along Las Vegas Boulevard.

Given that Islamic terrorists have a penchant for using vehicles to kill innocent people, as was the case in the recent Westminster and London Bridge attacks, it makes sense. Especially so, given that particular area of the city is a well-known…

Tourist Destination

Visitors walking along Las Vegas Boulevard (Photo credit: LA Times)

Tourist spots are popular targets for terrorist attacks, and given that they are already difficult to protect, Metro police aren’t taking any chances. The safety of both residents and visitors is what prompted the department to ask Clark County Commissioners for the new bollards. “In the last 12 months, there have been a total of eight incidents around the world,” Assistant Sheriff Todd Fasulo said. “All have used vehicles.” 

“There have been four printed documents and advertising by various groups around the world that promote this behavior,” Fasulo added. There have been six key areas identified by police officials, that are typically very crowded and offer no separation between the streets and pedestrian walkways. County commissioners approved installing bollards in each of the locations. Let’s hope they never have to find out if they work.


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