SNL Lives To Die Another Day

Baldwin On SNL | Photo Credit Hollywood Reporter Political specials have always been the bread and butter for Saturday Night Live but Alec Baldwin’s portrayal of President Trump has given new life to the dying show. Every week, around 11 million viewers tune in to see the impersonations.

Kate McKinnon plays Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Beck Bennett plays Vice President Mike Pence as well as Russian President Vladimir Putin, and Melissa McCary plays Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

Baldwin and McCarthy have hectic schedules, so they show up on Friday for the Saturday evening show.

Cast And Crew Discuss How Baldwin Signed On

The Hollywood Reporter reveals:

“LORNE MICHAELS, EXECUTIVE PRODUCER The idea came out of a conversation with Tina Fey at some point during the summer. She said, “Well, the person that should really play [Trump] is Alec.” And I went, “Yeah!” A light went on.”

“CECILY STRONG, CASTMEMBER Lorne was being very coy about how he had some plans. There was going to be a “shake-up” is how he put it. We didn’t know what that meant. I remember trying to text producer friends to find out what he was talking about.”

“ALEC BALDWIN, GUEST STAR I was all booked to do a film. The people involved were supposed to escrow money and the money didn’t hit on the agreed-upon date, so we gave them an extension. During that time, Lorne was calling me, going (in Michaels’ voice), “I think you should play Trump. I think you would be fantastic. And what would you rather do than come here every weekend for the next 18 weekends?”

Alec Baldwin Admits, “I’m Trump”

Baldwin On SNL | Photo Credit Hollywood Reporter

Baldwin’s movie fell through again and again until he finally started to listen to his old friend, Lorne Michaels. The SNL Creator and Producer told Baldwin they would fly him in each and every week for the show.

Lorne said he would fly Baldwin when they finished shooting on Friday night, which would be late, maybe even 2 AM or so. When the movie finally died, Baldwin called Michaels and simply said, “I’m Trump.”

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