After Texas High School Shooting More Gun Control Still Not The Answer


Friday was a horrific day for students and parents in Santa Fe, Texas. Families are shattered and many survivors will never be the same. As expected, anti-gun activists quickly jumped on the tragedy to push their anti-gun agenda, some even blaming Trump. But as usual, this goes well beyond the issue of gun control.

Santa Fe High School shooting scene
Photo Credit | Houston Metro

Friday morning, a 17-year old student, who we refuse to name, opened fire and killed nine students and one police officer. The shooting unfolded at approximately 8 am at Santa Fe High School, which is roughly 40 miles from Houston.

Some of the disturbing details are eerily familiar. For instance, despite extremely warm temperatures, the shooter arrived at school wearing a long black trench coat, something he allegedly wore often. However, this time he used the coat to conceal a shotgun and .38 revolver.

Both weapons legally belong to the suspects father. Neither are semi-automatic weapons.

In addition to the firearms, the shooter had several explosive devices. Authorities located several bombs in and around Santa Fe High School, including pipe bombs and pressure cooker devices. The latter, if you recall, were used by the Boston Marathon bombers.

As the day unfolded, details about the teens school life started to emerge. At least one witness, a student named Dustin, spoke to a Houston reporter after the shooting. The picture he painted was one we’ve heard before.

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