2NJ Mayor Relates Illegals To Slaves

NJ Mayor Comments | Photo Credit Fox News

New Jersey Mayor Ras Baraka equates helping find illegal immigrants to being a “Fugitive Slave Catcher.” Baraka doesn’t seem to truly understand how wrong and idiotic this comparison is, despite how many times he repeats the phrase.

According to Newark NJ Mayor Ras Baraka (D):

“Targeting Sanctuary Cities is a way for them to tell Mayors and other folks around the country that they are sticking to a very unconstitutional and un-American policy and trying to intimidate us into what I’m calling, “Fugitive Slave Catchers,” who run around and do their bidding.”

NJ Mayor Comments | Photo Credit Fox News

The Blaze host Lawrence Jones furious about these comments:

“I’m a little upset about this. Actually, I’m mad as hell. I don’t understand how somebody can compare this to the Constitution and slaves, when it took a Constitutional amendment for black slaves to be free, after coming here unwillingly. So how can they continue to make this comparison when these people can go home at anytime?”

“Freedom is not free. People paid a price for black slaves to become American citizens. There was no free health care. There was no food stamps. There was no government assistance. You didn’t get paid for your labor. These [illegals] get here, get a job, get free health care, get government assistance, in-state tuition and everything else that other Americans get. I think it’s unfair. I am shocked that a black man and a congressional black caucus are siding on this. It is unacceptable.”


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