This Is The Suppressed Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected [VIDEO]

By Jeff Smith | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-07-31


Donald Trump’s long road to the white house has had it’s ups and downs. He will do whatever he can to make this country great again. With the election coming around the corner, it’s important to see the history behind what has put Donald where he is today. 

Working America’s love him because he cuts through the non-sense, he get’s straight through the noise. 

America is in trouble, and we need a great leader. Someone who understands the every day man, someone who understands our economy, and someone who will take back control.

Watch this video below that shows who Donald Trump really is.


Leave your comments below? Do you think Donald Trump will make America great again? Will you vote for Donald Trump?

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152 Replies to “This Is The Suppressed Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected [VIDEO]”

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