How The Stormy Daniels ’60-Minutes’ Interview Was A Flop For The Leftist Parade

Stormy Daniels-60 Minutes
Stormy Daniels tells 60 Minutes’ Anderson Cooper that she has nothing to gain from telling her story. | Photo credit CBS

Listening to the 60 Minutes interview with Stormy Daniels, one might think her alleged affair with Donald Trump is the biggest scandal in history. Well, the second biggest if you include Russia.  But, it isn’t and anyone who doesn’t hate the president knows that.

Sunday night, Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford told 60 Minutes host Anderson Cooper that she has been “bullied, threatened, and intimidated” into silence. Aside from meaning the same thing, those three words have something else in common – they make great soundbites.

In addition to her claims of harassment, the porn star also made a point of telling viewers that she is “not a victim” in this drama. Yet, she spent her short time in the spotlight playing victim quite well. Daniels went on to tell Cooper that President Trump “knows she is telling the truth,” about the affair. 

Maybe she is and maybe she isn’t, but that isn’t the important question. The real question is, who really cares? The fact is, Trump supporters did not elect a priest or a perfect person. Trump has flaws and that is not exactly a state secret.

Now, I know some will use that statement to suggest that us Trump “deplorables” are being dismissive of these allegations. We aren’t. Personally speaking, if he cheated on his wife Melania just after she gave birth to their son Barron, that is not alright.

However, it’s also none of my business.  He was not the president when this alleged affair took place and it has no impact on his ability to run this country. Except for the media, legal, and personal drama the Left is creating by seizing on this story, that is.

Which, by the way, is the…

Mother of all Hypocrisies

Democrats have a long history of presidential sex scandals. | Photo credit Le Point

Suffice it to say, when it comes to sex scandals and illegal campaign contributions, Democrats should really stay silent. Trump is not parading buxom blonde movie stars through the White House or sharing a “cigar” with an intern in the Oval Office. And his campaign didn’t knowingly take contributions from a foreign, socialist political party.

Sad to say, the only story here is how far Left-wing politicians and media are willing to go to try and end Trump’s presidency. Obviously, it’s a lot farther then they’ll go to solve real problems or report on the issues that matter.