Stephen Colbert Under Fire For Vile Attack On President Trump

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Too Late For Colbert?

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After living in Obama’s America for eight long years, it’s hard to find anything shocking. People have all come to expect the liberal tantrums that permeate their news feeds on a daily basis. Nevertheless, on occasion, a looney leftist says something so disgusting that everyone’s jaws hit the floor. That day came on Monday, when Late Show host Stephen Colbert, went on a vile, profanity-laced rant against President Trump.

Colbert’s tantrum came in response to President Trump having abruptly ended an interview with CBS’ Face the Nation host, John Dickerson. President Trump jokingly referred to Dickerson’s show as “Deface the Nation” during the interview, and then later he walked out after Dickerson tried to corner him over his wiretapping statements.

 “Donald Trump, John Dickerson is a fair-minded journalist and one of the most competent people who will ever walk into your office, and you treat him like that?” Colbert said. After his opening lead-in, what happened next was both vulgar and reprehensible.

“Mr. President, I love your presidency. I call it Disgrace the Nation,” he began. “You’re not the POTUS- you’re the BLOTUS.” You’re the…

“Glutton with the Button”

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Colbert’s diatribe grew substantially more repulsive with every word he uttered.

“You’re the presi-dunce but you’re turning into a real prick-tator. Sir, you attract more skinheads than free Rogaine,” Colbert continued. “You have more people marching against you than cancer. You talk like a sign-language gorilla that got hit in the head.” 

As revolting as all this was, it was this statement that solidified Colbert as being truly repugnant:

“In fact, the only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s c*ck holster.” 

Never, has there been a sitting president that has been treated with such disrespect. Just imagine for a moment, what would’ve happened if someone like Sean Hannity or Bill O’Reilly made these vulgar comments about Obama. This was not only distasteful-but it was dishonorable by any standards.

The problem, however, is that the left has no standards. 

They talk a good game about “tolerance and acceptance” yet the definition of those words remains elusive to them. CBS should be completely ashamed of Colbert’s behavior and if they have any sense of decency he’ll be in the unemployment line very soon.

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  • jerryalger


  • Barb22

    If you are inclined – please send your feedback to CBS. Also, their sponsors are Target, Sprint, T-Mobile, Crest, MoneyTree, Olive Garden and Heineken (for a few to write them too) This vulgar joking on network TV should stop. So offending. So disrespectful to the office and 50% of Americans. Even if they don’t like Trump – have a little respect for the office and fellow Americans. Johnny Carson was good – made jokes in fun for BOTH sides of the Political parties. NEVER vicious and disgusting like now. STEVEN COLBERT needs to retire and be fined by the FCC too.

  • Barbara Meints

    He should be fired immediately and be banned from TV for life, He is a disgrace to our country.

  • usafBob OHern

    Yes, He should be fired. Tried for hate speech.

  • g8orbill

    I think he should be fired but you know cbs won’t do that- that only happens to conservative members of the media

  • Debbie

    I have contacted CBS as well as the commercial sponsors of the show and notified them that I will boycott them until he is off the air. Commercial sponsors include Whataburger, Beef O”Brady’s, Chevrolet, Apple and the March of Dimes! He is a vulgar, vile and disgusting man! Not only fired but banned from network television forever!

  • alicia4la

    A total lack of taste, class and respect, and CBS is responsible for approving this clown’s program. It was a recorded program, they knew the contest and did not stop it…

  • Charolette

    Yes he should be. Those type of words do not need to be on TV period. He is very crude and vulgar. He is not even funny. I feel for his family and if he has children, I especially feel for them. I would have been so embarrassed if someone in my family ever spoke like that on National TV. Get another Johnny Carson for late night. He was funny and everyone enjoyed his shows. But I doubt CBS will do anything as always.

    • GinnyfromVirginia

      Yes, it makes you wonder if he talks that way to his wife and kids. He also teaches Sunday School if you can believe it. Sounds like his priest needs to wash his mouth out with soap!

  • knarly1Kathleen Bair

    He should definitely be fired! He starts every show disparaging our POTUS. I absolutely never watch, only catch a word or two channel surfing. How he has any audience is beyond me…all the inmates watching or what? Certainly no red blooded American would. smh

  • Jack Fecalman

    Seeing the president of the United States treated so rudely and crudely is a shame. I don’t watch any of these stupid TV shows so I can’t really say I won’t watch anymore.

  • GIN

    He’s an IDIOT. Fire the POS !

  • CQ

    CBS has an easy to use contact form on their main .com web page. I let them know how I felt about Colbert, in relatively polite but clear words. Maybe I should have used words similar to what Colbert used.

  • Mike Ross

    Is he that hard-up for ratings? Mr. President, I apologize for this idiot. He should not be able to continue, and should be fired ASAP. Never saw anything like this before. Real fool….

  • Catherine Caudle

    Our President was in his oval office he told Dickerson that the interview was done. The President invited Dickerson into the Oval Office and was showing him what changes he had made to the office when Dickerson interjected the Trump Tower wiretapping issue. Trump simply sad you have your realities and I have mine. Dickerson continued and Trump simply said we are done. Trump did not leave his oval office mind you Dickerson was removed.

  • Savannah Jones

    Colbert is a STUPID nut !

  • GinnyfromVirginia

    Apparently the perceived ill-treatment of Mr. Dickerson is what sent Pajama Boy into orbit—it makes one wonder; was the homosexual reference a case of projection on Little Stevie’s part since he was so bent out of shape about the insult to his dearly beloved Dickie?

  • Charles Wolfe jr

    CBS fire Colbert ASAP !

  • There is no place for this kind of disrespect of any other person. It is hate speech and he should be fired and arrested.

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