Russian Bombers And Jet Fighters Got A Little Too Close Received Escort From…


U.S. Air Force

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In case President Trump didn’t have enough to worry about with North Korea, Russia has decided to add fuel to the fire. While not a direct provocation, flying 50 miles off the coast of Alaska is certainly an agitation. One that caught the attention of military officials, who promptly sent some Air Force fighter pilots.

From Fox News:

Two Russian Bear bombers — escorted for the first time by a pair of Su-35 “Flanker” fighter jets — entered Alaska’s Air Defense Zone on Wednesday night, U.S. officials told Fox News. The Russian formation was intercepted by a pair of U.S. Air Force F-22 stealth fighter jets that were already flying a patrol about 50 miles southwest of Chariot, Alaska. A NORAD spokesperson told Fox News the intercept began at 9 p.m. ET on Wednesday and a defense source said it also occurred into Thursday.

The “fly-by” marks the first time that the USAF has seen Cold War-era bombers escorted by the more advanced Russian fighter planes. According to officials, the jets were unarmed, and remained in international airspace. Nevertheless, they did fly close enough to give officials cause for some concern. Curiously, this incident happened just one day after President Trump spoke with…

Vladimir Putin

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The “read-out” of the phone call between President Trump and President Putin stated the conversation was “a very good one,” and focused on the growing tensions in the Middle East and North Korea. Per the reports, Russian bombers flew near the Alaska coast on four consecutive days last month as well, the first time that has happened since 2014.

Back in April, the president remarked that the relationship between the U.S. and Russia was at an “all-time low,”. A sentiment that Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, seemed to agree with. Tensions between the two superpowers deteriorated somewhat rapidly after the recent chemical attack in Syria, and President Trump’ subsequent airstrikes. Russia is Syria’s greatest ally, and condemned the airstrike as an “act of aggression.”



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