After the month-long argument in 2000, over the Al Gore and George Bush election, everyone finally accepted that Bush won Florida. Even though nothing changed after the Florida recount, many Gore supporters claimed that Bush stole the election.

Recounts magnify emotions already stirred up — the results rarely change, while feelings worsen.

It likely won’t take a full thirty days to do a recount in 2016, meaning hard feelings will fester temporarily, as Donald Trump does his best to reconnect the nation. Hopefully, those who can’t lose gracefully, won’t divide everyone.

Despite Hillary’s campaign team’s best efforts, they have not been able to illegitemize Mr. Trump. The recount scenario seems as last-ditch effort, as if they are still trying, because they have no other plans and no ability to accept the circumstances.

The Washington Post | Photo Credit WikiMedia CommonsThe Washington Post | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons

Evidence from The Washington Post

In The Washington Post, writer Amber Phillips points out how the Democratic Party may be irrelevant for a while, as they only win in minority districts without opposition.

“November was a tough election cycle for Senate Republicans, who were defending 24 of the 34 seats up for grabs, many in states that Obama won twice,” writes Phillips.

“It will basically be the reverse in 2018. Democrats will defend 10 seats in states that Donald Trump won, sometimes by double-digit margins. Mid-terms are normally kind to the party not in power, but this map shows serious head winds for Democrats.”

Hillary Clinton | Photo Credit WikiMedia CommonsHillary Clinton | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons

Democrats in Trouble in 2018

Some examples within Phillips’ story include Democratic Senators Joe Manchin III of West Virginia, Joe Donnelly of Indiana, Claire McCaskill of Missouri, Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, and Jon Tester of Montana. Each of these Democrats are running for re-election where Trump beat Clinton by over nineteen points.

“At the very least,” writes Phillips, “…it looks like Republicans will pick up a few seats.” In other bad news for Democrats, some political analysts feel that these seats in places like Missouri or Virginia will turn red and stay red for a long time to come.

Democrats, on the other hand, will continue to scratch their heads and continue to speak over Americans who don’t live in San Francisco or New York. Maybe after their recount, which will change nothing, they’ll finally move on. 

Do you think taxpayers should help fund an election recount?

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