Simon Helberg holds his own up against his character, Howard Wolowitz!

Helberg is a versatile actor who’s appeared in films such as Old School with Will Ferrell, and the Coen’s Brother’s, A Serious Man. However, he’s best known for being Howard Wolowitz, an engineer by trade, who ends up on the International Space Station.

We know the Wolowitz character, but here’s some interesting facts about the actor, Simon Helberg, that you might not know.

Maura PetzoltSimon Helberg

Karate Kid

Simon Helberg – super cute and absolutely non-threatening at first glance is no stranger to holding his own and standing his ground. Behind his meek visage, there’s a real Karate Kid. Simon was so inspired by the movie of the same name that he received a black belt in karate, get this, at the age of ten!

Maybe knowing a bit more about Helberg’s background would cause Leonard, Raj, and Sheldon not to make as much fun of Howard’s lack of a doctoral degree. 

Helberg does a killer impression of Nicolas Cage

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If you haven’t seen Simon Helberg do a Nicolas Cage impression – look it up right now! Admitting that he is fascinated with Cage, who can make such a mundane and boring thing like reciting the alphabet look entertaining, Simon Helberg nails the impression. He does a great Al Pacino impression, too, but the Nic Cage one is simply brilliant.

And he’s not shy to show his skills off! You can see him doing the parody of the great actor on ABC News, the Larry King Show, the Conan O’Brian show and many others. We only wish there were more of these clips around. 

He’s been in A LOT of classic TV shows

His face might seem familiar to you not only from The Big Bang Theory. Being a real actor, I mean with the theater school background and all of that, he has been in some of the most popular TV shows! Just to name a few – Friends, Reno 911, Joey, Arrested Development, and Drunk History. He’s not limited to just being on the screen. Helberg’s done voiceovers too, for —King Fu Panda, Sabrina, The Tom and Jerry Show are among them.

There’s a rumor (okay, a whole lot of them) going around, that the beloved Big Bang Theory might be coming to an end. One thing is certain – Simon will remain an in-demand actor for a long long time.

Not only thanks to his great acting skills but to his other talent too. He could consider playing the piano professionally, earning money as a stunt double in a martial art movie, or simply playing the part of Nicolas Cage or Al Pacino in a movie. But if he continues to play the charming and awkwardly funny Howard Wolowitz – we’re not going to be the ones to complain!

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