Undercover Footage Shows Nurses Laughing At A Dying WWII Veteran

James Dempsey
James Dempsey, 89, was a decorated World War II veteran. | Photo credit The Mirror

Some things in this world are just unconscionable. Nurses laughing at an elderly veteran while he pleads for help is one of them. Shocking new video of one such incident at a Georgia nursing home, has people questioning how this could happen.

89-year old James Dempsey, was a decorated World War II veteran. Dempsey survived the war but died pleading for air in a Georgia nursing home. His final moments were not peaceful-they were the stuff nightmares are made of.

Dempsey died in 2014, but video of his last minutes at the Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation Center is just now going public. Mr. Dempsey’s family installed a hidden camera in his room to make sure he was receiving proper care.

The shocking footage shows the veteran begging for help, repeatedly saying he couldn’t breathe. The video shows that the nurses failed to take any life-saving measures. Even worse, one nurse can be seen doubling over with laughter as Dempsey lay there dying.

“An Honest Mistake”

Veteran James Dempsey
2014 hidden camera video shows World War II veteran James Dempsey, pleading for help. | Photo credit 11 Alive via Fox News

Nursing supervisor, Wanda Nuckles, was also present in Dempsey’s room but did nothing to help. When he went into cardiac arrest, she performed just six chest compressions before moving on. They did not attempt any additional life-saving measures.

In her initial deposition, Nuckles lied saying that she performed CPR on Dempsey until paramedics arrived. When confronted with video evidence at a subsequent deposition she claimed her prior testimony, “was an honest mistake.”

Shockingly, the nursing center was provided with the footage in 2015 but failed to take action against Nuckles and the other nurses for ten months. The facility has racked-up more than $800,000 in Medicare fines since that time and continues to have a one-star rating.

WXIA-TV, the station that first obtained the video, forwarded it to the Georgia Board of Nursing earlier this year. In September, Nuckles and one other unidentified nurse involved in the incident surrendered their licenses.

WARNING: This content is very disturbing.