Businesses Partnered With The NRA Under Attack By Anti-Gun Media

NRA-gun control
Anti-gun activists are targeting NRA membership partners. | Photo credit Libertarian Republic

When you think about progress, does the idea of destroying everyone who doesn’t believe what you do come to mind? It does if you’re a liberal anti-gun activist. The National Rifle Association has always been a target but now NRA partners are under attack too.

The left-leaning news site ThinkProgress is posting a list of companies who offer discounts to NRA members. They are doing so in the hopes that, with enough pressure, these businesses will denounce the organization. “Come for the discounts, stay for the opposition to common sense gun laws,” their sub-headline reads.

Shortly after the Sandy Hook tragedy, they initiated a similar effort which they boasted about saying:

“In early 2013, weeks after the Sandy Hook shooting, ThinkProgress published a similar list. Since that time, several companies have discontinued their relationships with the pro-gun group.  Following a grassroots pressure campaign led by the global advocacy group, both Best Western and Wyndham hotels stopped offering an NRA discount.”

Suffice it to say, this is reminiscent of mob behavior. What gives them, or anyone, the right to decide who a company partners with? We’ve seen these same tactics used by the left time and time again.

Last year, their favorite target was first daughter Ivanka Trump. The liberal activist group, urged consumers to boycott stores that carried Ivanka’s fashion line. It has happened to other conservatives, like Sean Hannity, as well.

Whatever happened to…

Live and Let Live?

Anti-NRA billboad
Anti-Trump and NRA billboard in Louisville, Kentucky. | Photo credit Breitbart

The fact is, if you don’t like the NRA, don’t become a member. And if you aren’t happy with the companies that offer discounts to members, then don’t use their products or services. But under no circumstances should those decisions be made for someone else.

Not surprisingly, left-wing media sites aren’t the only ones gunning for the organization. Someone vandalized a billboard in Louisville, Kentucky with a message that read “Kill the NRA” and “Resist 45.”

Is it any wonder that 2nd Amendment supporters are adamant about their gun rights? Leftists clearly want to destroy everyone and everything that doesn’t fit into their vision for America. Their ideologies and agendas are a much greater threat than an AR-15.

It’s clear that the left has the own version of the NRA- Not Really American.