During the presidential debate last Monday, Clinton used precise talking points designated to attack Donald Trump on his stance of the 2002 invasion of Iraq.

Did Hillary and Lester Holt have a convenient episode of temporary amnesia, forgetting that she was one of the main proponents for the invasion? A war that has cost trillions of dollars in taxpayer’s money. Clinton’s clear support for the invasion:

  • Destabilized the country;
  • Caused countless innocent civilians their lives; and
  • Failed to do the very thing that the President aimed for – tracking down terrorists and eradicating them.

Not to mention the infamous controversy over Iraq possessing ‘weapons of mass destruction’.  A claim which President Bush so adamantly insisted was true, but later admissions prove was unfounded.

Hillary’s track record, when it comes to wars and just about everything else, has proven wrong and wasteful.  In most cases, catastrophic.

The intervention in Libya, another failed war and invasion which Clinton unabashedly supported and orchestrated, resulted in thousands of lives lost and untold chaos and destruction.  To put it lightly, it was another complete disaster.

Maybe we should look at the countless hours Congress questioned the former Secretary of State as to her role and inaction in avoiding and preventing the death of the US ambassador in Benghazi. Testifying before US Congress, Clinton seemed completely unconcerned in hiding her disinterest in the matter.  She was rolling her eyes, abhorred with a blank, bored-to-death look on her face, and a tone of abhorrence towards the congressional panel.

American troops on the ground in Iraq  American troops on the ground in Iraq

The question of the Iraq war was a deliberate one, made to be a jab towards Trump. 

But if you want to look up what Trump actually said, the answer isn’t all that clear.  Unlike Clinton and her dearest friends in the liberal media channels would like you to believe. The 2002 interview that Clinton wanted to draw your attention to, is the now infamous phone call between Donald Trump and the Howard Stern Show about the war. Trump replied with an unsure, but definitive answer that sought accountability in the matter by stating, “Yeah, I guess so. I just wished they would have done it correctly in the first place.”

This is also when we still believed Iraq likely held weapons of mass destruction. As it’s been characterized, Trump didn’t foolishly proclaim his unwavering support for the war. In true presidential style, Trump was clearly taking in all sides.  And even then, the hesitation in his voice signaled a certain ambivalence.  A pause that would later prove to be unequivocally right. Iraq’s failed invasion costs millions upon millions of dollars.  It created more instability than we have ever seen before in the Middle East.  And, unarguably created a space for radical ideologies that gave rise and birthed modern-day ISIS.

The most important and potentially disturbing bent of the Liberal establishment, is that Trump was a private citizen, he wasn’t a politician.  He was still a businessman at that time.

It seems people may have forgotten the politican, and now candidate, who was actually FOR the invasion of Iraq – Crooked Hillary Clinton.

It is unequivocally biased that during the presidential debate, Lester Holt, was so adamant in questioning Donald Trump (who was then a private citizen), for supporting the war in Iraq.  While he never asked the same question of Hillary.

In 2002, a resolution passed which authorized military force against Iraq in a bid to topple Saddam Hussein and his government, unanimously supported by the senate and you guessed it—Hillary Clinton.  

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