ASTONISHING: Parents In This New York Town Could Be Going To “Jail” For…

New York Middle School
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While it is a joyous and life-changing experience, raising a family is also a trying one. Especially in 2017, as leftist lawmakers and educators chip away at parental rights. A New York town is fining parents and sending them to jail for their child’s actions.  

Starting October 1 parents in North Tonawanda, New York will receive $250 fines and face two weeks in jail if their child violates city laws. Some of those laws include an 11 p.m. curfew for children under 16. Also, it is unlawful for “any person” to bully or harass a person, or “induce another person to engage in such bullying or harassment.”

According to the Associated Press, the new law comes as a response to four teenagers being kicked-out of North Tonawanda Middle School for bullying. Victoria Crago, whose child was attacked by a classmate in front of her, also advocated for the changes. She feels it is time to hold parents accountable for their children’s behavior.

Speaking to ABC about the incident, Crago calls the attack on her son “alarming.” “This young man just sucker-punched him right in the face and hit him as hard as he could,” she recalls. “What really alarmed me about the situation was the brazen act of violence in front of a parent. It was traumatic for both us.”

However, City Attorney Luke Brown asserts the law is not about punishing parents. “In reality, what we’re looking for is to engage the parents in the process and try and work on a solution,” says Brown. But, how exactly will imposing financial hardships and separating parents from their children make the situation better?

The reality is, it won’t.

Protecting Parental Rights

New York town erodes parental rights
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Yes, there are parents who could do a much better job. Kids cannot raise themselves; they need love, discipline, and supervision. Nevertheless, most parents are doing the best they can. Children make mistakes and listen to the wrong people. The same goes for parents, too. The fact is, even good parents don’t raise perfect children.

Nonetheless, teaching a child to blame someone else for their choices is a failing leftist tactic. America does not need more laws that punish parents. The country needs more laws protecting the rights of mothers and fathers to parent their children. Laws that allow them to raise children who will one day be responsible and accountable adults.