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While President Trump is donating money to hurricane victims, his predecessor is wanting more money. Yes, former president Barack Obama is demanding Congress increase his allowance to $1,153,000 next year. Actually, he is demanding it from taxpayers. 

If given the increase, Obama will officially be the costliest ex-president in United States history. According to reports, he will be earning $200,000 more than Bill Clinton and more than twice what Jimmy Carter receives. Carter will be receiving $465,000 in 2018. And, Obama is spending half of the money just on office space.

His sprawling 8.198 square foot D.C office, (or should we say Trump resistance headquarters), is costing taxpayers $536,000 a year. 

Additionally, Obama’s pension payment is the highest of all the former presidents at $236,000. However, he spends the least amount of money on communications expenses. Which, is somewhat surprising, given all the time he spends bashing President Trump around the globe.

Wall Street

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Consider this, Obama is earning big bucks on the Wall Street lecture circuit. Just last month, Obama spoke to clients of the New York firm, Northern Trust Corp. A speech, by the way, that netted him a $400,000 payday. Ironically, in 2009 he was slamming the very same people he is now pandering to.

Regardless, Obama’s demand is absurd, to say the least. After all, why should taxpayers be paying him more money? Especially, when they know he is using their hard-earned dollars to create more chaos and division. A good example of that is the upcoming “Obama Foundation Summit.”

Being held in Chicago on October 31 and November 1, the event is a being billed as a global collaboration. The foundation’s website offers a description of the meeting saying:“During this inaugural Summit, hundreds of leaders from around the world will come together to exchange ideas and explore creative solutions to common problems…”

“Hope” and “change” will not be attending. Perhaps the local gangs will be providing security?



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